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      After searching through multiple posts on here I feel that the best way to get some answers specific to myself would be to make my own post...

      So anyway - I am 24 years old and I have been a sufferer of tinnitus for just over a year now. I cannot pin point the exact moment that my long-term tinnitus triggered in my ears other than the fact I just noticed it one evening. Like most I assumed it was just temporary and would go away with a good nights sleep (which it obviously has not) but then after the first few persistent days/weeks I went through the dreaded panic of "how will I cope?!"

      Although, I was very lucky to come to terms with this within the first couple of months since my tinnitus first triggered and had been able to live with it peacefully up until a month or so ago this year. Before this I had only been aware of my tinnitus in my right ear and I was lucky that it had been set at a very mild baseline level for the majority of the year. I really have no idea how my tinnitus was triggered in the first place other than it has been due to gradual damage over the years of going to concerts and listening to my ipod a bit too often. Perhaps it has nothing to do with either and unluckily my brain has just created it out of nowhere for no reason I have caused myself.

      After my first visit to the doctors he even prescribed me a steroid nasal spray to clear my eustachian tube as he felt this was the most likely cause at the time even though my sinuses felt fine. By the time I visited an ENT I wasn't even bothered by my mild tinnitus anymore and no noticeable hearing loss was detected from my visit. I still however accepted to have an MRI to rule out the worst possible scenario - which came out clear in the end!

      Here I am now. And my tinnitus has changed and become much more noticeable. I first noticed this just over a month ago after I was only 2 days into taking medication for nerve pain. I was prescribed 25mg of amitriptyline daily which I pointed the finger at instantly as the cause of my tinnitus sound increasing and changing. After a week and a half I discontinued my medication however my new tinnitus sounds remain still.

      My tinnitus symptoms have developed into multiple sounds buzzing at once on top of each other in my right ear. Its as if one pitch is the mild tinnitus that I have always known and the second is a noise that changes pitch from high to low ever couple of seconds. The sounds even seem to travel across randomly to my left ear and remain for quite some time while still being constant in my right ear. And lastly, the never changing constant ring that has developed in the middle of my brain and feels as if it travels outwards to both ears fuelling the sounds that I can hear in each.

      The level and intensity of these symptoms has varied day to day and even at different points of the day. For example the ringing can appear quieter in the mornings as soon as I wake up; to then become louder in the evenings. However, this can also happen in reverse where the sounds will be more noticeable in the morning than in the evening. It really is hard to get my head around and has become quite distressing lately.

      I can only hope that what I am experiencing is a tinnitus spike which will subside to baseline again over time but with each passing day that it remains as it is I fear that this new tinnitus will be permanent. Even if I am not so lucky for this to fade, I know that I will learn to deal with it as I had before with my milder tinnitus. I am just looking for some help and advise that may shed some light on what I am experiencing, as well as hopefully some reassurance that this will pass as it did with my initial first experience with tinnitus.

      Thank you.
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