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    1. sandra72

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      may 2014
      Just went to the doctor because i have a lot of pain when coughin. So My rib seems to be broken or bruised.
      It hurts a lot. She gave me Ibuprofen 600 but i am affraid to take it. Can i just take it or is there something els that i can take and its safe?
    2. Blackbird26

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      I have taken advil since my onset years ago and never had an issue. Even at 600mg doses. If you really can't handle the pain, then don't worry about it...You could also try ice/heat packs.
    3. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      @sandra72 . Hi ibuprofen is a painkiller and is a anti inflammatory drug .it is a drug that I wouldn't personally take as it's been known to cause and make tinnitus worse .
    4. Blackbird26

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      In studies..only at high doses over a long period of time.
    5. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Antibiotics and Prednisalone would help and maybe a salbutamol inhaler to help open up your lungs.
      I would still take the meds if you really need them short term and hope you start to feel better soon...lots of love glynis
    6. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      I took ibuprofen 800mg several times after the birth of my daughter with no ill effects or worsening of my tinnitus.
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