PANICKING PLEASE HELP — Fleeting Tinnitus Left Fullness That's Not Going Away!

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Mar 16, 2016.

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      I'm about to go to hospital I'm panicking. I have a very bad flu for about week, starting to feel bit better but not 100%. It didn't mess with my normal high pitch T but did give me a very low vibrating T at times that was super annoying, I chalked it as the very bad cold/flu like illness I had was causing it.

      Now today I got a bad fleeting T that is sticking. The only difference is I've been on sudafed for 2 days, which I was told was not a problem for T.

      But this high pitch ringing suddenly hit my right ear, I've had it before, but not this bad. With it, brings a almost deafness feel to the ear, or some internal fullness where you can feel it. The pitch took over 30 seconds to go down, then hit AGAIN right after. The ringing is still there in the background although less, but the FULLNESS is still here and I'm in literal melt down and scared for my life right now that because this happened during my sickness it did something permanent, as fleeting T for me once and awhile is very short lived.

      It's bee over an hour and I'm scared here, I don't know if I need to take immediate action because I will not cope with this feeling in my ear. I've never experienced it this long and it doesn't seem normal as fleeting T is suppose to be...fleeting right...I'm assuming others here also get that fullness feeling I'm describing so you understand what I'm describing...I'm just at a complete melt down right now.
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      Hello @shasta0863 !
      I am sorry this happened to you. I completely understand you, I get the vibrating feeling now and then in my right ear, like a rumble, it is very annoying. Sometimes I get fleeting t too and in those seconds my ear feels full. Try to calm down maybe it is just a spike from your flu, right now I got a cold and my t is very loud and crazy. You can go to the hospital and tell them to give you injections with Prednisone just in case you got some sudden hearing loss this it is supposed to help/protect!
      Take care and keep us posted!
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