Placebo Paradise

Discussion in 'Support' started by NineNails, May 3, 2016.

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      Why do placebos seem to be so effective for T patients?
      Because T is wild, capricious and utterly unpredictable. It's a rollercoaster. One that isn't fun at all, but torture. So unless, you've genuine silence for several hours or days you just experienced the placebo effect -- no matter the treatment.
      Worse, by playing into an actual efficacy you not only fool yourself but others. False hope is a big money machine when it comes to selling snake oil.

      Be aware of foolery and gullibility. They usually go hand in hand. If there should ever be a real treatment, we will hear about it from those that suffer the most! Namely us.

      Tranquility to all of us.
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      Placebo effect is usually 7-8% isn't it? So if you keep trying things and convince yourself each will work, will you eventually get rid of tinnitus by placebo?
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      I take loads of supplements hoping they will help. Most the ones mentioned on this forum. I haven't noticed any helped yet but I keep taking them hoping for long term improvement. If anything I notice Ginkgo spikes T a bit. So I guess I'm not getting a placebo effect, I'm just desperate for cure, and when there are no hard proven cures out there, peoples only choice is to seek alternatives.

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