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      I first noticed a hissing/whistling noise in my right ear while watching TV during the evening of Sunday 12 April 2015, four days short of my 69½th birthday, and by 15 April an almost intolerable ‘arcing’ noise across my head was added to the original ‘hissle’.

      After a tinnitus-free lifetime spanning all the eventful decades since 1945 - the scary Cuban missile crisis of 1962, when I was 17, the Swinging Sixties, Vietnam, Watergate, Chernobyl, and all the rest of it, together with all the personal triumphs and disasters of a long and eventful life - I suddenly develop full-on tinnitus one April evening at the age of 69½.

      But what do I hear/read when I subsequently ask/look for help and advice about my affliction? I discover that the doctors didn’t even recognise it until comparatively recently (no surprise there, then). I read that, even though there are at least fifty possible causes of tinnitus and it can originate in any of the three sections of the ear, among other places, ‘most tinnitus is a consequence of hearing loss’. So an old man like me can be patronised and offered a hearing aid because my tinnitus is obviously caused by hearing loss, even though I have always had crap hearing and balance and in my opinion my hearing on 12 April 2015 was no worse than it was on 11 April 2015 or indeed 12 April 1990. And - most offensive and insulting of all - I hear tinnitus specialists and others say that the best advice they can offer a tinnitus sufferer is to see a Psychiatrist. (I could quote plenty of references for all this nonsense if anyone is interested but am not including them here for reasons of space).

      You can see from the spelling and the way I write the date that I am British but I have gained much comfort and insight from the (mostly American) contributors to Tinnitustalk during the past year and have therefore decided to share some of my own experience with you. When I read the drivel that is so often written about tinnitus I feel a bit like Frank Murdoch in God Bless America and want to do something about it. So - welcome to Drivelbuster. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna shoot anybody…

      I think even my detractors (especially my detractors) would agree that I’m not exactly Mr Average. I have fought many legal and personal battles over the years, although I am not a lawyer, and I have won almost all of them; and I am extremely rigorous when I choose to be - I have kept a detailed daily log of my tinnitus and every conceivable factor that might be associated with it, and am fascinated by the mass of data that I have collected. More of this in subsequent posts.

      Today is Day 386, thank you for asking. And by the way I feel for those of you who have had tinnitus for decades, and am extremely grateful for my 69½ tinnitus-free years.

      I use a 5-point classification for my tinnitus level - some people use 10 points but this is too many to be accurately differentiated - and I have managed to reduce my levels from the appalling headbanging cacophony of a year ago to around 40 per cent waking time at Level 1 and none at Level 4 or 5. So you might be interested in hearing how I do it. Level 1 is the lowest level, not discernible except in near-silence, and Level 5 is… well, you don’t want to know. Level 0 would of course be no tinnitus.

      Let’s finish with a quote from another famous movie, shall we, perhaps the most famous one of all: “…as God is my witness they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.” Or, in our case, noisy.
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      Hi, @Drivelbuster - Ah, I see you have the dreaded condition age. I was first diagnosed with age when I was 42, when I asked my doctor if I was wheezing at times when I sparred during taekwondo due to sports-induced asthma. He said, "I don't think you have asthma. I think you have age."

      Say what you will about age, but it sure beats the alternative.

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