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Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by JohnBringing, Sep 2, 2016.

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      Hi, I have Tinnitus, most of the time I am too focused on my work (research) to notice it, but my mother sent me a video to a scam product and now I'm noticing my Tinnitus. But I might have a solution, but first I need to give you a little background.

      But it is possible my research could help cure Tinnitus! But this requires some explanation and it will be too "woo woo" for many people, so read only if you are open minded, open a bit wider, ok about there.

      So my research is on the "aether", "Chi, Ki, Qi", "Pranic energy", Orgone, Scalar etc...

      I started out interested in conventional physics, but looked into claims of antigravity and free energy in various experiments and I found a correlation I wasn't looking for, that these experimental devices were moving some subtle background energy or substance through matter, in time I realized that this is also the same thing involved with "Chi" etc...

      Anyway it took me 17 years getting almost no where obsessed with this when I made a very unusual coil, hooked it up to a signal generator and I could feel an energy issue from the end of it, once I had that much my work progressed quickly and I found I could make a change in the coil so it didn't need the signal generator to manifest this energy, so thinking it felt like descriptions of Chi, I tried it on a girl who had a broken toe, the black bruise disappeared before our eyes and her toe no longer hurt, it seems it was healed!

      I then tried to see if other people could feel the energy and if it could help other complaints, the answer was that most people could feel the energy including in situations where they had no knowledge there was anything to feel, so it's not just imagination, and I found it helped many people, not everyone but most people, roughly 90% would be helped from whatever we tried it on.

      One was a woman who had been born partly deaf and she felt a burning, then a popping in here ear and said "I can hear I can hear"!
      Another was a woman who had her eyes treated she found she could read stuff with-out her glasses for the first time since 1977!

      Anyway the results were often miraculous, now comes a catch or 2.
      The first catch is that people who were really skeptical (and they would all say the same thing about "giving it a fair shot despite being skeptical" didn't get results, their mind was interfering, it almost seemed analogous to observation collapsing a wave function from Quantum Physics, while this wasn't faith healing as no one including myself expected the degree of results that occurred and whose being treated had just been asked to give it a shot, it would seemingly only work if allowed or encouraged to work.

      The next catch is that while I am certain some of the benefits are from getting energy to move through the body breaking up "blockages", as Qi-Gong practitioners talk about stagnant Qi, I also wondered if the fact that most of the results were in large rooms with lots of people, maybe a bit of energy was borrowed from those people, I don't know if this is a factor and even if it is, it would be inaccurate to consider it's a zero sum game as I have found it is not, a tiny energy signature can be amplified into a powerful stream, so it's not "vampiric" in nature or doesn't have to be, it can deliver more good than any small impact it has on any "donors", but it might be helped by their presence, just a guess.

      I suspect this last reason is why I have little success in treating myself, if I treat someone else me and everyone else in the crowded room is subject to donating a bit of energy, but if I try treating myself at home it's just me...

      And so this is why it's not even an easy thing for anyone reading this to try since to give it the best shot they need to be open minded, to have someone, maybe even a stranger treat them in a crowded room.

      And of course that's awkward, as it's going to draw some attention.

      It is also possible that energy from some "thing", a frequency, a plant, a shape will help cure Tinnitus when combined with my technology, but that requires starting from square 1 in seeing what does and doesn't work.

      So this is somewhere between the "almost perfect cure for anything" and "the least promising, least solid sounding nonsense ever".

      On the plus side if you want to try this I will deliver instructions on how to make a coil, no cost, hope it works. But you will need a bit of "magnet wire" to make it.

      I could also send a coil to you, just pay whatever it costs for me to send it to you, I'll provide the receipt just so you know I'm not doing this to make the odd dollar in postage price difference.

      I'm seriously unsure if I should even click post on this, so no criticism please, I know this will be against many people's materialistic beliefs just as it was against mine, I was not just a skeptic but hostile towards the idea of invisible aethers/energies filling space, it's very messy and I'm sure that's part of the reason it was dropped in favor of Special Relativity, but Einstein still believed in an aether of sorts and this is not the place for a debate on the one and 2 ways speed of light and Lorentz contraction.

      If I were trying to scam I would report that this fixed my Tinnitus, but it hasn't, if I was trying to scam I would be charging money. If you want to believe I'm crazy without investigating my claims, go ahead. But I may think the same of you for doing so :)

      note: Many in the energy healing field have reported that they can't heal themselves and have difficulty with family, if it's because there is not enough unique energy or if it is because of being too attached to the outcome or some other social factor no one really knows, although this applies to most but not all practitioners.

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      I think it's a great post and an important discussion. But you may be preaching to the choir with me, because I already believe in energy healing, alternate "realities," and the poetry interwoven in science and spirituality. :)
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      Hi Path maker, thanks! Well good to have the Choir here.

      After looking though the low level laser stimulation thread, maybe infra-red is a good place to start for what could help as an energy quality component, and it could be very general.

      Rather than lasers though, some Infra-red LED's at suitable wavelengths could be a good choice.

      After some early and miraculous result with health I have pretty much ignored the healing aspects of this energy to pour my efforts fully into making it stronger and stronger as I want to create energy potent enough it has obvious physical effects so the many results I have had were mostly years ago, although I could likely beat those results hands down now.

      Also if anyone is interested, I might be able to prove the reality of this energy to you even without you having to buy or make anything, no materials, it shouldn't be sufficient for health but it could demonstrate (with a little luck) the veracity of my claims. Just inquire about a demo where will a bit of luck you might feel the energy (at least a 50% chance).

    4. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Infra red will heat up water in the body and the ear - not the goal here.
      what we use is near infrared light
      That's 600 mm to 1500nm
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    5. gotyoubynuts

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      Conventional medicine thinks these energy solutions are scams so I think so too
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    6. Dajon

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      Exposure to loud things
      I'd like to learn more. My boyfriend feels like his tinnitus is driving him crazy. I know it's not him, but it's hard to be there when he's just cussing and angry. I'm open to anything. I'm a mind body spirit practitioner and believe in energy healing. He's a Christian, but has been open to some things I've shared with him. Please help! I just want to support however I can. He's dealing with some pancreatic issues as well, so we're trying to see how energy drinks, marijuana and all these things affect both issues.
    7. Pat W.

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      Oct. 1, 2016
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      Pusatile - plane landing
      I tried Reiki and it did not help. I was a yoga teacher for over 20 years.....so, I believe in alternate healing. I would love some suggestions.....Pat
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Its easy to believe in this stuff until you truly need it .

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