Possible ETD/TTTS/ASD? No Hearing Loss Up to 16000 Hz. Is the Treatment Safe If It's Noise Induced?

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      Possibly from problems with blood flow
      Hello everyone,

      My dilemma:
      Trust the doctors that I have ETD and do the treatment that might be potentially dangerous if my condition is noise induced
      Don't listen to doctors and do HBOT treatment that's potentially dangerous if I really have ETD?

      I've been to numerous doctors and finally after 1.5 months I got to the state clinic where they have good specialists and equipment. I have posted before in great detail about my situation here: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/thread...tting-worse-despite-various-treatments.32297/

      I redid the tests:

      Extended audiogram up to 16000 Hz. No hidden hearing loss. 15 dB loss at 10000 Hz in my left ear. Everything else is within 10 dB.
      Otoacoustic emissions 75 dB 85% and 82% in my right and left ears respectively. I don't know how to interpret this. The doctor said that I have good hearing and my ears are not damaged.
      Tympanometry - suspected ETD, slight Type C (I guess? The doctors said that it's not normal, but nothing too serious). It seems to be better then the one in October.
      Acoustic reflex 80 dB it seems to be fine. I don't know how to interpret this and the doctor said it's fine.

      From what I read on the internet you can damage outer hair cells which in turn can cause tinnitus and still have perfect hearing. Is it true or my good extended audiogram contests this?

      After consultation with other doctors they have concluded that I have ETD and my eardrums are sucked in a little bit. This diagnosis was suspected by the previous doctors.
      I have had allergies my entire life + chronic sinus inflammation from a broken nose. Doctors think that it can cause ETD in my case.

      I have mentioned TTTS, Acoustic Shock Disorder, throbbing sensations in my ear, pulsating feeling of pressure on my eardrum and they dismissed it. They were like "eh whatever I heard about it". They didn't confirm or deny it in my case. I have asked specifically for this symptoms and they were evasive at best. I think it's either they are not educated enough on this topic or don't want to be sued for malpractice.

      My symptoms are:
      Very high pitch hissing tinnitus (~15000 Hz) mostly in my left side of the head. I think it has been aggravated after brain MRI and my very quiet hiss in my right ear worsened after that. At this point I think it's bilateral, but with ambient noise hiss on the right side disappears meaning it's definitely much louder on the left side. This leads me to believe that I might have tinnitus from noise exposure (headphones for video games - shooters like Counter Strike and PUBG).
      Quiet Morse code/Water leak in my left ear. It worsens during an episode of fluttering.
      Feeling like the left side of my head is being mildly electrocuted.
      Very mild constant + significant episodes of left eardrum fluttering sensation, pulsating feeling like something physically pushing on it. Since starting steroid treatment it has been reduced significantly. From 5-6/10 down to 2-3/10.
      When episode of throbbing starts hissing diminishes from 6/10 down to 1-2/10 and then goes up again.
      When I yawn (genuinely yawn, not just open my mouth) I have very loud spike in my left ear with a different tone.
      I can't pop my ears during very gentle Valsalva maneuver and my eardrums are not moving when I do this. (Observed by ENT)
      Probably very mild hyperacusis to clanging dishes extra hard to the point it's uncomfortable to other people.
      During an episode of throbbing/fluttering YouTube videos on my phone become somewhat uncomfortable to watch. The difference is noticeable.
      Spikes in form of resonating metallic hum inside my head after shower or being in loud environments. They resolve within 5 - 45 minutes.
      I was at the clinic today which was about 65 dB and after the tests I put on my earmuffs in a quiet room and heard the hum. Right now I feel a little pressure and uncomfortable sensation on my left ear drum. It comes and goes and I think it's related to my neck movements. I moved my neck and it stopped, came back, I moved my neck again and it went away completely.

      Possible causes:
      Very bad neck blood flow. I did vascular treatment and it mostly helped with pulsatile tinnitus
      Ototoxic antibiotic (early August 2018) - but even it's the case the tinnitus must have been very mild so that I didn't hear it with open windows at night.
      Cumulative noise exposure. I had a power tool incident (10 mins) in late June and felt my ears were full for about 15 minutes. No tinnitus after that. Maybe it was a catalyst for all of this and later I just finished my ears off using headphones.

      Doctors proposed the treatment:
      Intranasal admission of steroid spray (Mometasone)
      Pneumomassage of tympanic membrane
      Blowing my Eustachian tubes with a hand pump through the nose or Valsalva maneuver (I heard it's very dangerous)
      Magnet treatment on my ears. It's supposed to reduce inflammation.
      They allowed to do LLLT with a 650 nm red laser.

      Can anyone tell me is it a safe route for treatment? At this point I've read so much horror stories and doctors misdiagnosed me the first time so I don't know what to do.

      I'm planning to start HBOT treatment on November 26 (8 weeks after noticeable onset). Doctors say that I don't need this, but I still want to do it since it had shown results in reducing tinnitus and has overall health benefits. If my tinnitus is noise induce I have to start HBOT. My only fear is that if really have ETD I supposedly should not go for HBOT treatment.

      If anybody can share insight on this situation I will greatly appreciate it.

      I'm really worried that my treatment for ETD got delayed, because of misdiagnosis.

      Is there a possibility of any inner ear damage, because of this possible inflammation and pressure problems?

      Is there any hope that when my Eustachian tubes heal the tinnitus will go away?

      By the way the first audiogram in October showed that my hearing through the air was worse at 35 dB and 5 dB through the bone at 8000 Hz.
      A month later (day after MRI) both air and bone dipped to 20 dB and 15 dB respectively. Today it seems to hover around 5-10 dB mark which is supposed to be a perfect result.

      Could it be a Temporary Threshold Shift? Or it's just some fluctuations? From what I understand that 5-10 dB fluctuations on audiogram are perfectly normal. Also doctors said that if I had noise induced damage the audiogram through the bone should have dipped also, but it didn't in my case.
      Can anyone confirm or deny this?

      I've heard that @Contrast is very knowledgeable in regards hidden hearing loss. Could you please look into my case? Thank you.

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      Possibly from problems with blood flow
      I have just conducted a small test with my friend by clanging dishes together. (measured ~75 db on my phone)
      I definitely have TTTS or ASD in my left ear. The right ear seems to be unaffected. Comparing the feeling of tympanometry from this morning and the sensation that I have now I can definitely feel that my left eardrum is moving immediately after clang the dishes. My friend says she can feel it too, but not every time. As for myself I can feel it move 80% of the time after I clang the dishes together. It's only in my left ear. I can feel a very slight pulsating metallic tone that I get after a shower. It's mostly in my right ear. I'm not sure if its from the clanging or from the tests that I did this morning.
      I tried wearing earmuffs and when I clench my teeth I can feel the pressure and sound of pressure on my ears. Is this normal? My friend says she has it too. Am I freaking out?

      Now the questions are:
      Did I bring this upon myself by going outside near the roads in earmuffs? Should I discontinue them? I don't think I had this level of sensitivity when my tinnitus started in October.

      Maybe my Morse code tone is from TTTS? It's very faint and audible only in earmuffs or complete silence.

      Can TTTS happen in silence or I just got gradually healed? I've had this throbbing sensation happen a lot in a last month by itself when I'm at hope and the only noise around me is a PC fan. The only thing changed that I used earmuffs every time I went outside and got Dexamethasone injections.
      Is it possible that I had this throbbing sensation from ETD and now after steroids inflammation is reduced and it's pressure is mostly gone? I mean it was very frequent and powerful before, but I didn't get it at all for the past 2 days or it was very mild to the point I didn't notice it at all.

      I think I'm just making it harder on myself by wearing earmuffs outside. At this point I'm so lost I'm not even sure that I had a spike after an MRI. Maybe like @Michael Leigh says I'm just making my tinnitus more intrusive by not using sound enrichment when I go to bed. And when I got near the roads in earmuffs I can hear it too and thus making it more noticeable to myself.

      Edit: I just found this research in another thread https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3366980/
      I think I'm going to try not to use earmuffs for 2 days and try to notice any changes.
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      Who had surgery? and was it successful? Thanks a bunch, for any info. I am interested in surgery because I have been through everything else. It is alos causing pain in masseters and down my back.
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      @Arseny are you still with us buddy?
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