Problem with Increased Sensitivity to Ambient Noises After I Got Noxacusis: "Broken EQ" System

Discussion in 'Support' started by weab00, Sep 24, 2020.

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      some good mf music
      Ever since I got noxacusis, sounds that I would have normally completely tuned out are right in my ear.

      For example, the crickets, cicadas, and birds feel like they're loudly chirping directly into my ear when I lay in bed. Sometimes my ear tunes into a specific cricket or cicada that I can hear exactly as they stop/start making noise.

      Do other people experience this same "broken EQ" system with their ears?
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      Yes, when I first got hyperacusis / noxacusis the hum of kitchen devices and such sounded on par with people’s speech. I stayed at my father’s house and the AC unit outside the bedroom I was in made a noise that felt like it was drilling into my head. I had visited his house many times before this and slept in that bedroom with my (ex)wife and kids and never even heard the unit to acknowledge it was located by that bedroom.
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      Yes I experienced this too, although it's calmed down a lot as my ears have improved - it felt like it was impossible to tune out background sounds especially white-noise such as the hum of my freezer, the bathroom fan and the kitchen fan. I don't know if it's a completely yet but about 90% of the time it's not a problem any longer.
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