Pulsating High-Pitched Hissing in Head

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Does anyone's pulsatile tinnitus get louder if you stick your tongue out and then up?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, but also with other head, neck or jaw movements

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    1. MelissaT

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      North Carolina, US
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      I have a very high pitch hissing sound that feels and sounds like it's in my head more so than my ears. It is so loud it's hard to distinguish where it's coming from. It is pulsating and has been constant for approx 6 months. I also have extreme hearing sensitivity to high pitch sounds. I saw an ENT 6 months ago and had head CT and Doppler ultrasound of neck. Both were normal so I've just tried to ignore it to see if it would go away. It only seems to be getting worse. I am going back to the ENT doctor tomorrow. This "condition" sounds very complicated and hard to determine the cause. I have tried all the head, neck and jaw movements I've read about and none of them decreased the sound. However, when I stick my tongue out and then up the sound gets much louder. I had not discovered this the first time I saw ENT and am hoping it will help in figuring out what's causing this. I would really appreciate any info that you feel might be helpful.
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