Reactive Tinnitus, Ear Tinnitus, Head Tinnitus & Some Questions

Discussion in 'Support' started by David S, Feb 7, 2015.

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      Just had some questions that i hope you would like to answer.

      Q: What is you T like? Both ears? For how long time?
      A: No tonal quality, more like high pitched crickets, or series of gun fire. Always unpredictable pattern. Only left ear. Had it for 15 month.

      Q: What is the reason behind it?
      A: Have high freq damage. Believe i got some damage to my tiny hear cells or i might got a nerve pressure somewhere.

      Q: Did it start in the ear/ears and then moved to the head? If it moved was it a relief? How long after onset?
      A: Still after 15 month i only got it in my left ear. Dose never move. To me this is strange because i thought that the upset nerves in my ear would settle down and I would be left with some brain noise. Dose not seam to happened for me. If really focus i can sort of hear some small pulses in my right ear going trough my head from my bad left ear.

      Q: Is your T reactive? Did it get better over time?
      Yes my T is reactive to a lot of high sounds. I always whant´s compete with them. Sometimes i get back to baseline fast and sometimes it takes a while. Remember from the beginning were i had like some sound sensation from just taking steps. That is better now. It also reacts to some meds. The only thing that helps is benzo and alcohol. Not a long term solution. Believe the reactive part is the biggest challenge with my T. My own little theory behind this as that a hair cell can die normally but still standing. But if you got a lot of damage they brake and fall over other hair cells. You got a mess with living and dead cells but also tiny parts shortcutting. The result is firing on freq that they shouldn't and T. It just takes a long time for this to get better and for your brain to adjust to this new signaling.

      Q: Is it easy to mask? Did the maskability get better over time?
      A: Only shower and a faucet close mask my T. I car ride or watching TV is not close. I have a withe noise gen all my awake hours in my left ear. It gives my relief but at no volume it is near to mask it. It´s been reactive and hard to mask all from start and i do not see much improvement.

      Skip these if you do not have time..

      Q: If you got T similar to mine, what do you think is the key to habituation?
      The only thing that i figured out is to push my self to live normal. Only keeping myself busy is giving me relief. The problem is that you need rest in between. It is hard for me to just chill out and let my body absorb energy with this noise.

      Q: Way do you think that your T was a life changing event for you.
      This part is hard for me to understand. Always taught i was a hard working rational guy with the mantra "when the going gets tough the tough get going". As it turns out I am not, then who am? if I am not that tough guy. On the rational level i can se that I am a perfectly healthy guy with all my senses intact. The main objective for my ears is still working fine, i can hear perfectly fine and i am in no pain. On the other hand i lost my silence. Music that i love dose not sound the same with this high pitched whistle. I will always have to watch out for high noises but i did not live a life with clubs or concerts before this. Always in my life before when i was down. I could always find the cause of it, and once fixed, I could start to recover. This time it is not to easy to fix or likely not fixable. Guess there is also a lot of disappointment in that this did´t get much better over time and that it is not some much hope for that after 15 month. I been struggling so long, pushing myself to live normal. Even pushing myself daily I do not see too many "free rides" and i feel lack of reward for my daily efforts. Compared to other disorders this is not something life threatening or a major disabiltiy, still it effects the deepest parts of me. I will always hate this noise but for now i have to accept that i have a uninvited guest in my head.

      Q: What would you do different if you could do it all over again?
      I was so desperate in the beginning so that a would try pretty much everything. Lost all of my common sense. My ability so see things rational. Every thing i tried so far (except sound enrichment, CBT and benzos) just made it worse or just put on a lot of extra stress. I am said to say, for most of us there is nothing out there giving any meaningful relief. The odds of just making it worse is just to high. Just take a look at the Am101 poll. The majority of those how voted, did get it worse or no improvement. Let´s pray we got got some approaches that is giving us relief in month instead of years in the next coming 3,5 or 10 years.

      Q: Do you think that you will fully recover from T
      I still find that hard to believe. This whole thing is still very much like an opened wound for me. Even tough i know people with severe T live their life most of the time not thinking about it, i find this still to be an ilusion. I trust in time to be the best healer but it still seams that i am missing something. Just can´t figure out what it is.

      Good weekend to all of you.
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      Sorry to hear your t is so loud and reactive, bad combo, bad luck. You will probably figure out eventually how to ignore it. If I had the time I would answer all those questions :p
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      Actually does anyone know the reason behind reactive T? Understand this component usually get better over time? Is it true? If true, what is the reason?

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