Reactive Tinnitus (High-Pitched?!)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Burnsie, Jan 31, 2018.

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      So, been struggling with my High-Pitched tinnitus becoming more noticeable over the last few weeks (2 weeks today I think).

      I can hear it over the car (but not when the radio is on). I can hear it over the general hum of the office or in a meeting. I can hear it when walking outside, even sometimes when it’s windy. I could hear it doing taekwondo last night, especially at the end when we were all lined up listing to the instructor. I can hear it over the general hum of a restaurant or pub. And, I can hear it over any white noise, especially any fan type thing/extractor fan.

      If I don’t concentrate on the TV or radio I can hear it then too.

      However……when I turn all the sound off in my room and listen for it (!!!!!!) is really really faint. Sure it might be getting masked by my other tinnitus at this point (my other tinnitus being masked by all of the above)…. But does this sound like a strange form of reactive tinnitus? Possibly due to anxiety for, ironically, hearing it?

      I feel much better in myself the last couple of days. I sleep okayish…do have a cold sore for the first time since I was a teenage though!
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      Quiet rooms and surroundings are not good for someone that has tinnitus. Whether one wants to call it Reactive tinnitus or hyperacusis, I prefer the latter. The only way to treat this condition and to possibly lessen its intensity and in some cases cure it, is to use sound enrichment. Silence, quiet rooms etc is the worst thing for this condition and in many cases harmful. This is not just my opinion but Professor Jastreboff developer of TRT and many Hearing Therapists and Audiologists that practice tinnitus management share this view. Whenever possible use sound enrichment. It doesn't have to be loud, just playing softly in the background. Nature sounds are considered one of the best sources particularly for night time use. During the day I prefer classical music but use what you feel comfortable with.

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      Hi Michael.

      thanks for the repose.

      I agree with your point about quiet rooms. Generally, I don't have a quiet room. But the point I was making was it seems "better" in a quiet room. It's almost like my brain is superimposing the noise on to background noise in some way, but i think it is doing it subconsciously out of anxiety for some reason. I haven't had this problem was the past 2 years!
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      Loud noise

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