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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Julie, Sep 18, 2016.

    1. Julie

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      Fatigue, salt
      Three months ago I stumbled onto this site. I was devastated, completely sick of life. It felt unfair that a 16 year old with no hearing damage has tinnitus. I was always careful, nobody knows my cause. It might go away in a couple months. I wouldn't know.

      But i can say, I hardly care if it goes away at this point. I almost never hear it, it's a background noise now. Only in silent rooms is it even loud enough to hear it. Music - tv even just outside blocks the noise out. Also I don't care for the noise anymore. I habituated to it. Sometimes it's gone for about two hours, it comes back though. It hardly spikes anymore. Last time was three weeks ago.

      I'm better of, stronger, feel great actually. I remember getting suicidal by tinnitus. But i read a ton of success stories and started feeling better. Until this point. U can cure from tinnitus, doesn't mean it needs to go away completely for u to cure from it.

      My advice, hold on, try background noises in the begin. When u hear it; just say fuck u tinnitus I can deal with this, or I don't care. May be a lie to u at this moment but eventually it'll be the truth. Hang in there!

      - Julie
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      loud headphones
      This is awesome. Congratulations. Let your life begin again :)
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