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      I've been battling tinnitus since 2009. It began with severe anxiety, my eyes began blurring and my foot developed a severe burning pain if I wore shoes. Then I started getting abnormal static shocks and EMF sensitivity and I was sure that I had completely lost my mind. Sometimes my tailbone would weep fluid and my tinnitus would go away for several days but leaving my back so stiff slight turning was difficult. Sometimes, if I left home the tinnitus would go away but not always and certain things like cell phones, television and certain computers really bothered both my eyes and tinnitus. My tinnitus began on my teeth and I blamed dental work. It then moved from filling to filling and so I believed dissimilar metals. My ears were clogged, one side of my nose didn't seem to work right and I had bags under my eyes and then I developed hot flashes. Sometimes antianxiety medication reduced the tinnitus but not always. I was a wreck.

      I had tried using a packaged detox package but the results were so horrendous that I missed two days from work. Eventually I couldn't hold a job but I still did not dare try the products sold for detoxing because they were too aggressive for me or maybe they were the wrong thing. Because of the static shocks and breaking electronics by touch, along with having odd issues with print on keyboards, surfaces of touchpads and even loss of dye in the right shoe of two pair of shoes and then two pairs of sandals showing abnormal wear on the left foot, along with developing holes in the left sock, I knew something was up. When I tried to repair the broken electronics, habitually by only touching both probes of my old digital multimeter, I blew the small fuse. It was sort of costly to replace and so I bought a digital meter and began noticing that my body carried sometimes a little over 700mV by measure and when I grounded I could reduce it. On days that my eyes were not as blurry, and tinnitus was not as extreme, the voltage was less but certain places on my body were higher, like my left foot, my filled teeth, a spot above my eye, my chin. I developed a sideshow trick- where i could put my bare left foot on a piece of grounded steel, put one probe on the metal not touching me, and hold the other against the pad of my thumb and I would get readings from around 500mV initially that would level off at around 150mV! Holding the probes against each hand was always near 100 up to 200. Other people who tried it would only measure up to 20 at the highest. No one had an explanation for me and I couldn't find out what NORMAL human voltage should be. But the higher mine measured the worse I felt and the only thing that helped was grounding.

      Eventually I started detoxing again but using natural products and lots of baths. Clay helped, boiled pine needles that I'd used to relieve itching that I believed was black flies, helped, and I tried all the foods and spices people recommend for detoxing. Some of my symptoms went away but "my voltage" was still above 100, sometimes I was still getting shocks and there were nights that my tinnitus was so loud it is a wonder I made it to morning. One thing I would notice is that if I forgot to brush my teeth, got up and used fluoridated toothpaste that I didn't use frequently, the tinnitus in my mouth settled down some, enough to survive the night. But this is no way to live.

      I finally found an article that mold toxicity has a really peculiar symptoms--abnormal static shocks and the breaking of wrist watches. It tends to turn the body into a little battery. I didn't quite understand this but attempted to cure myself by taking vitamin B12. I already knew that my vitamin D was low but I had that before and was treated with doses so high, 50,000 IU a week and then 100,000 that I had something like a stroke and any form of really bothered me. I was put on a gluten free diet right before all this began, after the dentist, diagnosed as having Celiac Disease. I got really careful with my diet but then I started having issues just after breakfast and then during breakfast. I tried all kinds of different milk on my gluten free chex cereal but I still was feeling really sick from it. I even called General Mills to ask them if they were using something to replace the gluten and explained my reaction. They advised me to go to an ER. There was no way I was going to an ER to attempt to explain that I was having a problem with cereal that felt like I was being poisoned because my complaints after the dental work wound me up an ER begging to have the new filling removed and was threatened with psychiatric evaluations. I stopped eating cereal and then stopped using regular milk because that made me feel woozy too. I used cheese and ice cream without problems. In the news during the past month, I noticed that the FDA had discovered gyphospate in General Mills cereal, which in case you don't know is Roundup and very neurotoxic. I want to tell you, that trying to explain how you feel when it seems like you ate something, and everytime you ate that product, that you were poisoned, is not possible to tell a doctor without being labeled paranoid. I probably would think that too if someone came to me, if this hadn't happened to me. So, I think that the Food and Drug department and the Department of Agriculture USDA, and all the state food and health inspectors should be doing more aggressive testing and inspection of food, like they used to rather than spying on American citizens, and worrying about tracking people on google or worse, that shouldn't be as costly as it is, money should be put back into departments that truly benefited our health. Doctors are not even considering certain symptoms or treating certain people, once they become disabled where as before when I was working, they tested me all the time for everything under the sun. So, if I seem fed up with doctors it is the treatment I have received since becoming disabled that has given me a new opinion of that industry.

      As I was saying, I started using things like vitamin B12 but it bothered my gut. I tried using a different version and got a severe sore throat which isn't surprising since it is cultured on streptococcly bacteria. But, it is the release of elements from mold that create a toxin in the body, in particular from the cyan group. This chemical that fungus and mold make (and this can be in the gut, the mouth, the feet and places all over the body- cancer is often caused by fungus) can dissolve metals in the body. (Fillings are part mercury and part tin or copper, silver or gold and the chemical that mold produces from elements in the body, as a molecule can dissolve metal--albeit in small amounts, but enough to effect the sensitive nerves of the ears and eyes.) Treating my body for mold toxicity involved loading with food and drink that was high in vitamin C, grapefruit, cranberry juice and using antifungals like coconut oil, coconut milk and turmeric. It helped but it wasn't permanent.

      Then I noticed my eyes were protruding and felt my neck that was bigger than it used to be. Age does a lot. But, I'd been using fluoride tooth paste regularly and it seemed I felt a little better from that. I read about using toothpaste for bags under the eyes. I'd already tried several other things on them, like castor oil, did nothing and a paste of turmeric and coconut, helped slightly but I didn't want to get it in my eyes. For some reason, the toothpaste had a beneficial effect and when i rubbed it around my nose where I had a crease from severe Bells Palsy to see if it would help, the blackheads that would never come out no matter what I had tried, fell out as I rubbed. So, I began an odd facial using toothpaste and cleared up not only black heads but odd little wrinkles. It was like these were sort of nerve controlled and the loss of whatever was the poison in the blackhead or skin, or maybe fungus uprooted them. I know this sounds gross but they took over my face at the time my tinnitus began, my eyes were out of focus, my skin looked like crap, and my face became twisted so no one would take me seriously. People began treating very differently. To explain I used to own a business or had been a pretty good drafter or was an honor student in engineering for a few years and worked on the planning of a multimillion dollar photogrammetric mapping project wouldn't impress anyone. I was just an unemployed, low life on disability.

      Some of the other things I used to detox, were ocean clay, epsom salt, regular salt, turmeric and mustard seed. Pine pollen and needles were probably the most effective and the only reason I could conclude was that pine was a heavy metal accumulator and contains sulfur. I did try a couple other remedies someone suggested that sounded bizarre, that helped because they reduced Substance P that causes inflammation. But, the effects didn't last. In case you are interested the product contains capsaicin and her remedy was to scrub biofilm off using limes and apply hot sauce to non-muccous areas. Busting up biofilm of the tinnitus solution, but it didn't last.

      Mold and fungus create biofilm. And, it loves to colonize in parts of the body that have lots of keratin so that explains the effect on hair--I lost hair in the beginning and the half of my body became void plus my lashes and eyebrows grew back after I started detoxing- with clay and some extent. After using fluoride on my face, I noticed that once again I had "peach fuzz" that had been missing for along time and more lashes and brows. I don't drink fluoridated water due to a bone disease the instantaneous hot flashes it caused me.

      Somehow, I read that it could be worse than fungus or mold. And that potassium iodide might help. I went to buy supplements and found them nearly impossible to find. Apparently they are used by drug addict manufacturers and have been pulled from the market. But, it made sense to me that I could have an iodine deficiency because of several factors so I was persistent and used what I bought with extreme caution--because it can kill the thyroid permanently so the story goes. I was already cold and thin and had bulging on my neck that wasn't really noticeable unless felt, and they felt the size of large grapes. I'd thought they were swollen glands but these were closer to my chin and the rest of my lymph nodes were fine. So, for me, I didn't think taking the prescribed dose would harm me. I did this daily for nearly a week and noticed that my grapes shrunk to the size of maybe cherries. One side maybe the size of a raisin now but the other is still too big. Right away I felt better and my tinnitus stopped for several days. I felt warmth in my hands and feet and my eyes started clearing up. My vision is far better early after taking it than later on in the day. But, when I had a day with no energy at all, after I'd cut way back, I stopped taking any and recovered the next day. Now I use iodized salt that I had given up, eat sardines and other marine fish, add dried seaweed to my food sort of like one would use parsley. And, I am getting better. My EMF sensitivity is gone. I only measure 5-20mV between my hands but this morning I noticed I could hear tinnitus a little bit. It had dropped to making a sound like it was coming from my neck which was far easier to deal with than my ears or brain or mouth. So I got out the meter and I was at 25 or so, but then i touched a probe to my ear with the other in my hand--and in front of my ear where the cheek starts at that. The meter jumped to over 100mV! Knowing that fluoride might sequester metal or kill mold that I don't see any signs of, I rubbed some on my outer ear as I brushed my teeth....and scrubbed it around a little with my finger tips before rinsing my face. Curiosity got me as I passed the meter, and measuring the same places, the voltage had dropped to the high 20's on one side to the 50's on the other. I ran back did it again especially on the higher side and then it too measured high 20's. My tinnitus went down some and is now just on a lower tooth filling and not real loud.

      So fluoride, iodine, and chloride that was in the anxiety medication are all halogens. I found this curious because they have had an effect on my tinnitus. I decided to look into iodine deficiency and found that there is no test for it but iodine makes up 60% of the thyroid hormone (T3, T4 and Calcitonin) composition. Because it is in salt and can be in milk due to cleaning of cow udders with it, often in wheat, so no one bothers to test it. But because of "their" recommendations I had reduced salt intake long before I ever stopped buying iodized salt. You need about a half teaspoon a day to get the RDA! I stopped buying seafood due to the price but mostly because I was afraid of adding mercury to my system. And, wheat was eliminated years ago due to Celiacs as was milk. So my own intake of iodine was nearly nothing. I also do not drink tap water and i buy water it is distilled.

      But online there are people reporting that iodine deficiency is being under reported. We think of large goiters and eyes bulging out of the socket for this. My eyes have sunk back into their sockets by at least half but they never looked like a typical goiter. I knew they looked different and so did family but no doctor looked. Further, my skinny neck didn't look to bad with a little girth, but it was abnormal and I have a few wrinkles that developed just since taking the iodine- that were not on my relatively smooth neck before i took the iodine. I can see my chin line. I am not heavy but had lost that line.

      So, in my research I wondered if there was anything that might have caused me to become iodine deficient. One thing might be selenium but I haven't taken much of that bothers me. Seems selenium levels are inversely proportional to iodine. Then I came across another peculiar chemical that I never thought about much that can displace iodine. That chemical is derivatives of bromine. I hadn't paid attention but soda and vegetable oils were sources, so too still are imported food and another source is all the fire retardant on furniture, carpets and mattresses. But the greatest source is in electronics- computers, phones, tablets, televisions plastics are about 1/3 bromide, plus circuit boards are treated with it and these off-gas. Apparently it has an affinity to dust so keeping up with that is imperative. But if I had the money, I'd go live in a cabin with a dirt floor and stick or rock furniture right about now.

      Bromide has the ability to oxidize metals and displace iodine, causing deficiency. Iodine negates the charge in mercury. Mercury from amalgams or from wheat fields that were treated with mercury fungicide, older vaccines, factories, and more can be sources of mercury. There is a molecule found during research into Celiac Disease named Zonulin that must be present for gluten's protein-gliadin that survives the stomach with high energy potential, to escape the gut by unravelling tight junctions in the protective barrier of the duodendum (endothelium) and then the pair travels about the body doing similar damage. People of certain haptoglobin types were implicated earlier in this study and Zonulin was said to a haptoglobin type of precursor. But, now it comes out that this molecule in the gut, Zonulin, that has to be present is a toxin or by product of heavy metals, aluminum hydroxide and some other toxins that should not be inside the belly! Bromide will sort of melt heavy metal kicking it back up into circulation instead of settling as it might to the feet, fingers and lower jaw. Where mercury lands, it kills good bacteria and mold and fungus and bad bacteria cannot be fought off. When these harmful organisms take hold they build biofilms that incorporate heavy metal and other metal making them tough to fight off. Iodine binds with it changing the charge of Hg. I am not sure how well it works for detoxing but, thyroid hormone is present in saliva and if you have dental fillings and a bromide burden you have a source of heavy metal. The nerves of the ear are very attractive and sensitive to this and so are the eyes, the voice, the vagus nerve, the sense of touch and so much more. There is one more part of all this that maybe some of you who read this far might find very curious. Bromism is a condition that was found frequently in people who were institutionalized and misdiagnosed schizophreniacs.

      When I think of how many times I went to a doctor with symptoms of an underactive thyroid... and know others who have far more prominent symptoms than I showed, and finding how this affects my tinnitus and so well known to be a neurotoxin--all combined, how fire retardants were introduced in 1975 and how silently furniture manufacturers have voluntarily started not using it since 2013--(who can afford new given that the old furniture has disabled them) I feel that someone should look into the symptoms of tinnitus with far more seriousness in identifying and testing for environmental toxins. Part of the reason this is not happening is that there was an epidemic of thyroid damage from people who were inflicted with radioactive isotopes for bone scans and GI scans--without the benefit of iodine treatment beforehand. Now, even that is protocol but I don't expect that doctors or their hospitals are going to admit that me and thousands of others did not get iodine prior to treatment. As I think about my thyroid, I had a superscan before I was found vitamin D deficient. I was then brought in for a second scan months later, without any contrast and there was still too many "dark areas". Nearly two decades before this, I had the old type of scan where I drank a shake and then watched my skeleton move on a little television through the space between the two disks I was put in. That had to be some heavy duty iodine was given beforehand unless they slipped it into my IV...Maybe those scans have something to do with my tinnitus and thyroid or maybe not. But I urge everyone, anytime something is being suggested as the best for your health, to investigate--we are already changed from fluoride and if it turns out to be bromide to prevent me from possibly burning to death, I think I would have rather burned that quickly rather than the slow burn from a brominated thyroid...

      I also wanted to add that my post is relevant to those who have tinnitus and Gulf War Syndrome or any service in the Middle East where they may have been in danger of being exposed to Nerve agents. The service provided pills that are written about in medical literature concerning GWS, that those life saving pills contained BROMIDE. If a person has a heavy metal burden as I mentioned, or moved home to flame retardant heavy new mattresses, carpet, tv's, computers, etc and didn't have a great source of iodine, their thyroids might also be suffering from the bromide displacement of iodine. It would be interesting if someone with this syndrome might ask their VA doctors to investigate their levels of bromide, iodine, calcitonin and heavy metals.
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