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      October 2011
      Hi everyone

      This is my first time on the forums here. Well I belong to India but I live in Canada . My story is as follows.
      One fine day was at a firing range in India , Oct 2011. Things were great and I was there to enjoy myself. As I fired my first shot , I had a ringing in my ear. Though I expected it as it wasnt my first time firing. I carried on and was satisfied at the end of the day. But this ringing noise somehow didnt go away. I thought it will disappear when I get up the following day . But guess what, the ringing was still there and this was the beginning of the worst chapter so far in my life. I searched google "ringing in the ear' and that is when I read the word "Tinnitus " for the first time in my life. I always wished someone had told me that there was such a horrible thing which existed. The story ahead is quite similar to everyones experience. I went to the ENT , got a hearing test done and was told nothing can be done , it may go away but theres no cure or way out.
      Then the months which followed were horrible but every night I slept , I hoped that the following morning , it may disappear. It never did and after a few months I just forgot about it until now i.e. May 2013. I have been desperate to get rid of it.
      I am trying acupuncture, following the book "Tinnitus Miracle", Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and maybe the Tinnix cure which is available in India.
      I just repent going to the firing range that day, I repent using my earphones to listen to music, ... I just wish I could go back in time and somehow alter this event. I wish I knew the importance of ear muffs or to sum it up, I wish someone told me what Tinnitus is.
      I dont mean to be negative but this is my current state right now . Though I am positive to find an end to this ringing . My hopes are in Tinnitus Retraining , hypnotherapy and the tinnex drug.
      Good luck everyone.
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      I took up target shooting as a hobby back in June of 2011. I went to the firing range on average of about once a week. There, I fired some large caliber weapons. I wore earmuffs. No immediate problems. Then on November 25, 2011 I woke up to a high pitched tone in both ears which has been with me ever since. After acquiring tinnitus I immediately stopped going to the range. I sold several of my firearms and may sell the rest of them if I am not ablt to go to the range again. Anyway, I, like you regret going to the firing range at all. Although it was a lot of fun at the time little did I know what agonies awaited me with tinnitus.

      I knew what tinnitus was because I had several bouts of it due to wax buildup in my ears. Once the earwax was removed at the doctors office the T was gone. Not this time. Unfortunately, I still have it. It has been life changer for me.

      I, too regret going to the firing range. If I only had known what it would cost me. A horrible incurable malady. Intellectually, I know I must try to accept it and to get used to it. Emotionally, I curse myself for having brought this on myself. But, what's done is done. One must try to move on with life but how? There are so little effective tinnitus treatments out there that are effecive. After almost a year and a half I still feel like the walking dead.

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