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      Hello Dr. Hubbard,

      Could you expand on self-CBT? Where would I begin to find information that is reliable? If I were to see a therapist skilled in CBT but not tinnitus, would that be an avenue to explore?

      Also, I am contemplating TRT and am aware of two individuals who are properly trained and practicing. Both are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (I live about 5 hours away). Their names are Glynnis Tidball of the Department of Audiology at St. Paul's Hospital; and, Carol Lau at IdEARS. Are you aware of either one of these professionals, and if so would you have a recommendation.

      Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated,
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      there are many self help books for CBT. The most recent that i would recommend is "Mind and Emotion" by Mathew McKay. There is also a self help CBT book for tinnitus - it's old and you'd need to find a used copy: How to Live with the Ringing in Your Ears by Hallam. I published an article in Tinnitus Today last December which will give you an overview of modern CBT for tinnitus. It includes mindfulness, in addition to cognitive restructuring and behavior activation (getting busy in meaningful directions).

      I don't know any TRT practitioners outside of New York and Philadelphia.

      Hope that helps!
      Dr Hubbard
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