Silly Question About Hair Cells and Infections

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keith D Mitchell, Dec 7, 2015.

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      No Idea
      While this is something I should have asked my GP and ENT, I missed that chance. Goes like this -> Ent says you got "T", have fun -> GP says your ear looks infected, take this *Cue Zelda Get Music -> 14 days later I follow up with my GP and says it looks better, still some fluid since the ear drum in my right ear didn't move as much but all should be well in 1-2 months. A new follow up with a different ENT who used my old results and was more through with talking to me about my issues, results and what to do.

      My otoacoustic emissions test says something something sub-clinical outer hair cell dysfuntion, i'm assuming above 8K but I can still hear at the frequency it says I"m missing or is reduced. So my question is, if my hair cells aren't playing well or just plain dead/dying, could it be that the ear infection is causing or did cause issues? Perhaps tehy were always like that but the infection just made it more noticeable? I was under the impression that dead hair cells was the result of aging and exposure to loud noise and I never attend concerts or anything that has prolonged long noise. I didn't even like being exposed to loud noises even before this.

      Was just curious about that.
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      Who knows?
      Ear infections can damage/kill those little hair cells. I know 2 people IRL whose ear infections were followed by hearing loss and T.

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