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Discussion in 'Support' started by shan, Jul 18, 2015.

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      Hi guys,

      I use a Karcher water filer vacuum at home. Although the website states the noise level is 66 db, my phone app measures at least 83 db.

      The thing is I use plugs n muff when using it but it still seems pretty loud especially with prolonged use. I know plugs n muff seem like an overkill but my T has been increasing over the years, with fluctuating H. So I guess I just want some opinion and reassurance that I am well covered, as I am having a sudden spike for the past few days. I use it once a week for an hour. Would like to hear your thoughts.

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      You might just be experiencing the good and bad days.

      As time past the goods days will increase and the bad days will be lesser.

      Slowly the bad days will be generally not that loud.
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      They are that loud. Use ear muffs or ear plugs?
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      That is a cool vacuum design. Never noticed a vac with a water filter in the states. The manufacturer decibel rating seems very low for a vacuum and I suspect your phone app is more accurate. I use over the head NRR 24 ear muffs when I use my very loud vacuum. I perceive my muffs lowering the volume very well but its still an omnidirectional engulfing sound sensation while vacuuming. I suspect your muffs muzzle everything but the vacuum whine and give you a sensation that the vac volume reaching your ear is louder than it is. That said I would not vacuum for more than a few minutes at a time with my vac. I rest for a few minutes then continue, but again its much louder than yours.

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