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      After many years in heavy construction working as a Millwright that serviced large machinery such as Draw Bridge Machinery, Power Plant Machinery, Water and Waste Water Process Machinery, and Paper Mill Machinery. I have not also lost a lot of my mid range hearing. I developed Chronic Tinnitus that is destroying at a fast rate my quality of life. Within the first six months of the onset of "The Noise" I made two attempts of suicide, the last one almost worked. I was seen by a local ENT and a ENT from MASS EYE and EAR. Both told me I would have learn to live with it. I was offered tranqualizers. Who wants to spend your life zombie up. I am getting the point that if I passed on, the sound, noise, annoyance, distraction will make me welcome Death. The loss of being able to hear more than 1 conversation in a group of people . Has all passed for me A sleeping pill to fall asleep is my only salvation every day. Does any one have this drastic of a challenge to get by every day? Just to have every next day to be like a scene from the movie Gruoud Hog Day I could use some help soon.

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