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      Lagoon City Brechin, Ontario, Canada
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      My best guess, Iron Maiden concert in my 20's blew an eardrum
      I developed tinnitus 6 years ago, unusual thing is I have practically no hearing loss. I have white noise maskers which are a god send. I was managing ok until 2 years ago when I attended a wedding reception where the DJ was so loud, everyone was leaving the room, as soon as he cranked the music I left, but the damage was already done. I would give anything just to have my old tinnitus back. It has gone from annoying to paralyzing, I now also have severe Hyperacussis, extreme sensitivity to loud noises. My T has morphed into something that sounds like microphone feedback with someone in the background scratching a blackboard with their fingernails in a circular motion. I have to wear my maskers 24/7 now, I had a spare pair made in case one breaks. I also experience a lot of physical pain, ear aches, head aches and pressure. My ENT has tried every drug known to man, with no change. I do take Lipo-flavonoid which increases blood flow to the inner ear and it does help a little, it's worse if I don't take it. I take sleeping meds or I would never sleep, and recently my ENT put me on Lorazepam because I just couldn't cope with it, that is helping with the anxiety. I would be very grateful for any suggestions, I am in Ontario Canada, and we are way behind the states in research and looking for an answer for this terrible affliction.
      Thanks for reading my post
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      hyperacusis you can treat, pink noise treatment and those

      tinnitus is most times un-treatable... try to habituate?

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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      Welcome to the board, you will get lots of great advice on here.

      Did you wear ear plugs to the wedding reception when the DJ was playing?
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