Smoke Alaram went off ..

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sean, Apr 20, 2014.

    1. Sean

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      Hi every one ,
      This Morning smoke Alaram
      Went off for 10 seconds ..I closesd my ears but my ears are buzzing today .
      Do you guys think T would spike because of smoke Alaram ? Smoke Alaram is not as loud as burglar Alaram .i am surprised my T has spiked .
    2. cullenbohannon

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      Sean ten seconds is not a long time. I had a bunch of situations were I thought my t spiked but after a couple days I realized it hadn't. My advice would be give it a few days and reevaluate. It is probably from the anxiety you are monitoring your t more so it sounds louder.
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    3. WestCoastGirl85

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      September 2011
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      Ototoxic ear drops getting into inner ear canal
      Where I work there is a drive up, and if no one comes to the window right away someone dings the electric bell. Sometimes they even do it when I'm standing right there! When they push that bell ( or let their kids push it over and over {i TELL the parents to have their kids stop pushing the bell}) It make my T raise for the next couple of hours. As long as you covered your ears, that the best thing i could think of if i was in that situation.
    4. Sean

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      Thanks.. I hope so .
      It's really a pain to worry about all these stuff!!
    5. Sean

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      That gotta be super annoying !!. You don't want to wear plugs ?

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