So Frustrated With Myself!

Discussion in 'Support' started by LizOLora, Feb 21, 2015.

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      Hi you all,
      I just joined this group after a really frustrating experience tonight! I realized that I really don't socialize as much as I used to, probably because most of the things people want to do involve loud noise! The last time I was in this situation was going to see 'Interstellar' a few months ago... it was so frustrating to be 'being polite' and going to a movie I really didn't care about seeing, and then have it affect my tinnitus. And tonight, it was actually my birthday, and since I'm in a new place I didn't really have big plans. My cousins invited me out and I felt like I should go, again the feeling of being polite, and for some reason I didn't think it was going to be a very loud venue since they were bringing their baby. But it was a dive bar and ridiculously loud and I forgot to bring earplugs since I'm just so not in the habit of going out to loud places at all anymore. I put tissue paper in my ears immediately and tried to leave as soon as was polite, but I probably was still there a little over a half an hour and my tinnitus is worse. I'm so angry and frustrated that I made my tinnitus worse for something I didn't even enjoy or care about doing! I wish I had just stayed home, it would have been a far more enjoyable end to my birthday. I will never for the life of me understand why everything has to be so loud and why people find it pleasant! Why can't everything be turned down about 60%?! I suppose because everyone's deaf. Anyway, I'm just hoping to talk to people that can sympathize and also hoping I didn't do too permanent damage, I really can't afford it. :( I already get agitated at night with the level the buzzing is at. And I can't sleep right now with it being worse.
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      Hey! Happy birthday by the way!
      To help you sleep I recommend quiet music in the back ground, or read a book before bed apparently help. Remember stress makes it worse so i f I were you I'd stop going to noisy places they are so stressful and uncomfortable its not worth it. Have a look if there's a local group of people with hearing problems or T. Meeting people who understand you will really help with the social aspect. Go into the country or somewhere naturey and quiet. Sometimes I think that there is nothing more healing than nature.

      There are things to try, that improve life with T.

      A website I found that can help with sleep.

      Good luck it gets easier!

      *hugs* Georgia :)

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