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      This thread is meant to solicit your input for episodes that are in the pipeline, i.e. episodes that we are currently preparing for.

      Whenever we invite guests onto the podcast, as soon as they accept our invite, we start a process of preparing for the interview. This entails for instance reading up on the person, their background and their work, so that we can get the most out of the discussion.

      In some cases, we will also be soliciting your input for the interview, as we did for instance with Episode 1 – Dr. Rauschecker. This thread will be updated whenever that happens. Essentially, it will be continuously recycled, in order to avoid a multitude of threads being generated over time for each podcast guest.

      Your questions will only be taken into account if you submit them through the link provided in the "Currently Soliciting Questions For" section below. This is meant to make the process of collecting, curating, and categorising questions more efficient for us.

      Currently Soliciting Questions For:

      We're soon interviewing Visual Snow Initiative. Is there a link between tinnitus and visual snow? Send us your questions VIA THIS QUICK SURVEY LINK.
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Thread Status:
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