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Discussion in 'Support' started by aussielad, Jun 22, 2013.

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      Hi All,
      Im 34 male. Had the same constant high pitch tinnitus for about 2-3months continuously. I can deal with it but very annoying and want it gone obviously like everyone else that has it. Im trying to get to the cause.
      Here is my story:
      *I have always had earwax problems, but have had them water syringed out by a doc and never had tinnitus so dont think its that.
      *Have had 1 or 2 migraine auras in my life when I was in my 20's but never any tinnitus, not that I noticed anyway, just the rainbow eye blurr for 20mins then a small headache then gone.
      *In Sep last year for the first time taking any kind of drug started taking small occasional dose of valium for work related anxiety. Took maybe 5mg-10mg as a once off maybe twice a month and did that for about 4 months. No tinnitus or any benzo related symtoms at all. Then stopped for 6 months. Then just 2 months ago when off valium for the 6 months had another migraine aura and the tinnitus seemed to come a little after that aura. Maybe not right after, not exactly sure.
      * So my question is could the tinnitus be from a delayed benzo withdrawal that will slowly go away?
      Is the tinnitus from the migraine aura and is it likely to go or stay?
      * My ENT has said my ears are ok and just deal with tinnitus. Not what I wanted to hear. Had a wax removal in between this time but didnt help the tinnitus.
      * I took another one off 10mg of valium just the other day as I heard that can help tinnitus. Seemed to mask it a little but not completely. I am not planning to take valium long term as I have heard it can be addictive and cause tinnitus if used long term. Might take it a little bit more on occasion to help with bad tinnitus days. But dont want to take it if it is in fact causing the tinnitus.
      Has anyone had a similar experience and if so any thoughts on this?
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      Where in aus are you from?

      I live in geelong vic and want to start an informal support group

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