Sometimes Things Sound Like Talking Through a Fan — Help?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Madi, Dec 1, 2019.

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      Hey all. The other day, I went with my friend to a tattoo shop for his birthday. The needle was pretty loud. Afterwards, I noticed that some sounds kind of sounded like they were being put through a fan, if that makes sense.

      That was a few days ago. It’s only really noticeable listening to music sometimes, and only some pitches/songs. At certain frequencies, when someone is holding a long note, it kind of sounds like they’re slightly singing through a fan. This doesn’t happen unless the note is held out, and only happens in certain songs. I can recreate it with my own voice, but I have to hold a note a certain way at a loud volume for it to happen.

      Has anyone had this happen to them? I’ve tried to talk about it with my mom (I’m almost 21, but hey, we all need our parents sometimes) and she seems to think it’s all in my head. Could it be something hyperacusis or sinus related? Am I suddenly just really sensitive to compression? Is this permanent?

      Any answers would be appreciated!

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