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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      Well first of all, I hate the fact I'm back here after 3 months of mostly peace.
      I mean don't take it like an insult all of you are great I just hate this place because it's associated with the condition which is trying hard to ****** with my life.

      But anyway all that aside, I'm back here because of a.......that's right you guessed it a spike.
      While doing stuff about 3-4 days ago I got a spike in my left ear, well first it was a sudden onset of ringing which I get from time to time but this one was different, it left me with a spiked tinnitus.
      Now it's in the left ear mostly, sometimes it switches to the right one sometimes it goes in the center of my head and sometimes it actually goes away for some time.
      I at times have a feeling of fullness in my left ear but the hearing on it's own is pretty much the same, no muffled hearing or anything of the sort.

      I've had a spike like this before after taking antibiotics, I got a spike it lasted for some time and eventually went away without me even realizing it went away.
      The problem is, after having a blow dryer next to my ears I got a new tinnitus tone, one that I can't fully explain, the problem is this tone isn't really present that I can constantly hear it like my normal tinnitus, rather it only appears as a reaction to some random sounds sometimes it doesn't react sometimes it does it's an undertone that sounds like crickets I guess and it lasts for as long as the sound causing it lasts.
      This was actually getting better a week or so back, mostly I fell it's because I was finally calming down mentally and I had stopped caring about tinnitus, I didn't really care when it sometimes went up nor did I care when the reactive part when up or down.

      But after this spike the reactive part has gone up a lot, it's now triggered by a few more sounds, mostly it's triggered by the sounds that are somewhat similar to the sounds of crickets or that sound you get when you move around in the bed or the sound you get when you're messing with the plastic bag, I'm sorry that sentence is pretty much useless I'm just trying to be detailed.
      But yeah the reactive part has spiked and now I am hearing what I hear when my ear reacts unlike before where I would just hear when it reacts and then nothing.
      It's got me worried because I'm not really sure what's causing it, the last time was when something really loud was really close to my ears, the thing that comes to mind is my high school graduation, lots of people yelling cheering clapping, it was pretty loud and the thought came to mind that it might cause a spike, but it took two weeks to actually manifest.

      So now I'm here just to see what you guys think, what is your experience with this sort of thing, I guess since it's a spike it should loosen up and go away after some time passes but at the moment I'm kind of going back into the anxiety filled state I was before where I'm constantly monitoring it for changes, and as I have said it changes a lot, from going away to being even worse to being better to again going away completely. I like to take that as a good sign, that it's just my ears going on a temporary hiatus.

      I'll be going to see an ENT tomorrow to see what my hearing is like, what's the deal with the fullness in my ears and to see if I have an infection or something.
      To anyone that makes it through this wall of text, thank you and thanks to anyone who also replies. I hope to not have to be here after some time passes.
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      To me it doesn't sound serious. The spike will pass and you will be fine. Try not to think about it.
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      not sure
      Spikes are just what they are. One thing about tinnitus is unpredictability as well as setbacks. You can feel great one day and the next all hell break loose. This is particularly true for newer T or when T suddenly flare up triggered by some factors such as a loud noise exposure. It may take time but spikes always tend to settle to base line. Don't think spikes and setbacks only happen to newbies or newerbies. It happens to old hands & T veterans too. Dr. Nagler a while ago had one, I Who Love Music reported one too, I have my fair share of them. You get to a certain point to learn to accept spikes are a part of the T habituation process. Hopefully spikes happen less and less as one habituates further along to road to recovery. Hope your spikes will settle down soon. You may want to take some supplements such as NAC, B12, Magnesium, etc, and you try to make sure you sleep well. Bad or not enough sleep is often cause for spikes or for it to stay on for a while. Take good care & God bless.

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