Spikes, Usual Length, Permanent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tom Brooks, Sep 20, 2015.

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      Hello there,

      I am Tom and since July 2013 I'm suffering from Tinnitus. I've certainly not the worst Tinnitus ever but still it has changed my life. I always took care of my ears, because i knew i only had two. I never listened to loud music, I always wore earplugs at concerts and when I went to the movie theater. Still, I have Tinnitus because I had a cold and I blew my nose. I didn't blew my nose hard at all but still the pressure in my ears became very high and since that moment I have a constant sizzling, ringing sound in my ears. First off it was very loud and low-pitched but later in the day it became high pitched and lowered in volume. Now I'm two years further and it's still there although doctors in the first month said it would go over.

      The problem for me these last two years wasn't the volume but the constant fear. My Tinnitus fluctuates a lot, but really a lot. I have many allergies and have a lot of stuffy noses. In exam periods a also have a lot of stress and this makes it worse to. I'm a guitar player, but I almost never played it no more. I loved music and I never listen it no more. In movie theather I still wear earplugs. I never went to a festival and never go to parties. Still I also have a lot of problems with spikes due to sound. For example with the prom at the end of school. Those spikes lasted for about a week and half and then settled down. The same for spikes because of stress or because of fear concerning my Tinnitus.

      Now the problem is, last week I went to the fair with friends, we went to the fun fair and we stood there for about 45 minutes. I asked my friends if it was loud out there and they said no. I didn't have any earplugs with me but I decided it would be okay. Because the volume without earplugs still wasn't as loud as for example the prom with earplugs. And also who wears earplugs at the fun fair. And I didn't want to ruin my friends fun by protesting to go to the fair.
      After the fun fair it spiked, but the day after I met a friend and she played some piano at her house. It was classical piano and it was a bit loud. But not extremely and it wasn't for too long. I also hadn't earplugs. After that the spike still was there. My Tinnitus hadn't been that loud no more since the exams and I kind of freaked out a bit, I was scared a lot and that probably didn't make it better.
      After nearly 2 weeks it still was there and I went on vacation, I've had a long car trip and the car made a lot of sound. I never had any problems because of sound of that volume but I was so scared I wore my earplugs about half of the trip.

      During the trip I talked with my parents about it and my mom sort of freaked out like she always does. She is scared a lot and that makes it difficult to talk about it. My dad said it was that loud because of the fear so I tried to stop worrying and it helped a bit. Now I'm back from the trip and it's not as loud as in the beginning of the spike but still it's a significant increase compared to the pre-spike period.

      Sorry because of this very long post but I just want to give as much information as I can. Now my question is it's now 11 pm on sunday tomorrow tuesday it will be a 3 week spike. It never spiked that long. Does anyone else had spikes which lasted that long?

      A second question which I ask myself frequently is, are spikes only permanent if they really cause more hearing damage? I mean will spikes only last if they are caused by sound which is so abonormally loud that it would also cause Tinnitus for non-Tinntius sufferers?

      I hope some of you guys with more experience can help me out a bit, I hate this presssure of fear and the fact that my Tinnitus is limiting me for over 2 years in listening music and so on. Tomorrow I will start at university and at this moment I don't want to go to the opening parties and so on although I can make friends this way, this is why I hate this Tinntius so much. Before the spike I only heard it when it was silent, now I can hear it above the TV and above the car. Still after 3 weeks I have my fear kind of under control that's why I'm wondering why it hasn't settled down yet.

      I hope someone can help
      Sorry if I used bad English.

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Tom ,
      I'm sure your spike will settle so please try not to worry about it as the fear will spike your tinnitus.
      Maybe you are worried a bit about uni also so your stress level might be up and after you have made a few friends and found your way around then you will feel at ease.
      Make sure your tutor knows you have tinnitus and should get extra support maybe financially and extra revission time,exam time and one to one when your concentration might be effected.

      Don't let tinnitus stop you having fun just protect your ears if sound is above 80db.

      You can download a noise_omiter free on your phone as a rough gauge.

      Keep yourself as relaxed as possible and stay positive.....lots of love glynis
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    3. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      I've had spikes go from a day to two years.
      The day long ones are usually triggered by eating something crunchy, the two year spike was from loud live music.
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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      Tom, I have this spike thing too. Also, my T started like yours, first like a very low pitched one and then it changed into a very high pitch. :(
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    5. AUTHOR
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      Thank you all very much :)
      It's still hard not to worry because i never had such a long spike. Just curious about others in the forum, how long have your spikes been?
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      When I have a spike it also always becomes higher pitch. It's more annoying. I don't know wheter it's true but it seems harder to mask by normale sound e.g. car, TV...

      We can still hope that it will become low-pitch again some time, maybe when it settles down.

      Mine probably never wil be as low as that first day with the blowing nose accident because that was very low-pitch and not beep but a grhhhhh
    7. Cristian Ro

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      The first spike in my life (after 5 years of tinnitus of a constant volume) just pitched.
      Tom, did your spike reversed?
      Thank you!

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