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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Lever151, Dec 1, 2015.

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      Viral ear infection
      So 1 year ago I thought I'd go crazy from this. I thought the idea of this ring would be my undoing. 12 months later and I don't even have a clue who the weak and scared person I used to be.

      Once I stopped dwelling on it and analyzed all my hearing tests I realized I can sink or swim. With 2 young kids I chose option 2.

      Within 4 months I was able to use training techniques to mask and accimilate to the ring. The next 4 months was some easy changes in Diet and exercise.

      The last 4 months have been thanking God for the strength, losing 26 lbs of fat, and eating so I was energetic and healthy. One thing I eat a lot of is fresh spinach. It could be psychological but I felt it helped calm the noise and my mood.
      I'm off medications other than allege relief and with the grace of God I rarely give any notice to my ring. Sometimes she flared up but I laugh, listen to some music or read and before you know it, it's gone.

      Use it as a gift to get stronger rather than a reason to be scared.

      God works in mysterious ways and make your faith stronger than the ring.

      Praying for all and always here should anyone need some positive words and prayer.

      God bless!!!! And remember, with his strength you will win this!!!
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      loud concert
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      So, If we do not know the underlying reason why we get this, how is diet and exercise helping? I am still in the figuring out stage, thinking there is a reason.
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      Who knows?
      Empirical evidence. We don't know exactly what caused it, but from our own experiences we know what can make it better...or worse!
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      good dietary habits and exercise promote better mental health overall. It's not going to make your tinnitus go away, it's just that when you're eating well, sleeping well and exercising, you're better equipped to handle negative experiences.
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