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      Possibly fluid in the ear?
      Before you read: it’s like 5 am here so there may be typos! Sorry in advance and whenever I’m more awake I’ll fix them.

      So, my main thing of this story is to not get anxious! You can make it through tinnitus!

      I started two weeks ago (I think) and I had this sudden ringing in my ear as soon as I took my headphones off. I went to sleep and thought nothing of it, thinking it would go away after sleeping. It didn’t. So I started asking Dr. Google, which is something you shouldn’t do if you get stressed easily!! It’s very bad. It left me crying off and on for a few days because I was tired and emotional, and wondered if I was gonna have this for the rest of my life.

      Then one day, it faded a bit, it was masked a lot more greatly, but I still heard it in silence. And then one day (well, night), I was scrolling through Twitter, and I noticed my tinnitus was like it was gone! I got excited but didn’t get my hopes up. I plugged both my ears (so it was easier to hear cause at the time I had a fan as white noise) and I heard the ringing very very VERY faintly. Before this, I’d tried Debrox, as mine could’ve been to earwax buildup. I think that may have been the cause since I have no idea if I got any wax out but my tinnitus started improving after (though I have yet to use it again and planning to whenever I’ve got time) usage. My anxiety slowly went down, and now we’re sitting here, me tiredly making this thread, hoping to settle some anxiety.

      So in conclusion, if you’re a young person like I am and scared about long term tinnitus, don’t automatically think it’s permanent like I did. It can go away and fade. You just have to give it time and stay calm! But if you think it’s serious, go to a doctor!

      And for y’all wanting to know my current situation, I am still having this really low tinnitus, which is sometimes super hard to identify because it’s so low. I still yet haven’t went to a doctor but I’m waiting for my next visit which should be soon. I still don’t know my cause but despite having loud noise exposure, I’m leaning towards earwax.

      Anyway, have a goodnight/morning/afternoon/evening! Stay strong y’all :)
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      April 30 2019
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      Acoustic shock from playing guitar with headphones
      Great to hear that you are making good progress and I believe that your chance of it fading completely is really good. Just make you you protect your ears after it fades. I got my tinnitus and dysacusis from a combination of :months of vaping, years of drumming and loud headphones.

      Fortunately, I'm still really young and I actually got a couple minutes of silence last night.

      Hopefully, in a year's time I might become a success story despite the uhhh 'considerable' damage I pulled off the past couple years.

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