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      Hallo together,

      I have noise induced T from 21th of September and I think I developed a Little H by the way. I also hear it "clicking" when I swallow.... must be connected to my current Status of "sensibility" ?

      I am able to sleep without meds, I am just taking Magnesium, Moringa, B12 and Zinc. 6+ weeks after onset I am "ok" I am not worrying every Minute but it is hard to get yourself away from thinking about T. Sometimes when I wake up it is gone..... or am I just Feeling like its gone!?

      I startetd to increase my Sound Level in my car every week..... 100 km/h - 60 dB 110 km/h - 65 dB and right now 120 km/h - 70 db. I am feeling ok, but I am not sure if I should Keep that route? 70 should not be harmful in any way, right?

      Dishes and paper things are still kind of bothering.... it does not hurt but I feel Kind of uncomfortable.
      Yesterday my University gave out our certificates and some People were talking over boxes..... it was about 65 db and later a guy played saxophone (was collecting my certificate near to him.... but just 2 minutes of Hand shaking). I was just able to stay 10 to 15 min even I think the Sound Level was "safe". I think it did not even exceed 75 db. Now I have a Little spike..... but, is it a spike or is it just me worrying? Why am I worrying?

      Referring to that
      we should not even worry.....

      I think I Need some words from you on that.......

      Thank you for your support

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