TBI Tinnitus and Castor Oil Treatment

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by SpookyRachel, Jun 26, 2014.

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      this is my first post here, brand new.
      i recently took a hydrotherapy class for my massage therapy school, and we learned about castor oil. we read that it may be a treatment for tinnitus. i'm curious if others have found it helpful.
      i got my T in 2009. i suffered a traumatic brain injury, and when i woke from a medically induced coma, there was a ringing in my right ear, and most of my hearing was gone in that ear. prior to this, i had never even heard of tinnitus. i was 25.
      i'm asking because i'm wondering if treatments are at all effective when the brain has suffered injury, as opposed to some of your stories that i've read where T came out of nowhere or from medications, etc.
      i picked up some castor oil and i'm wondering if it's worth trying, if i should ingest it orally or drop it in my ear, etc.
      also, not to be rude to those who believe in Cayce, but i do not believe in listening to spirits etc. i care about results more than magic. :)
      okay, thanks to any who contribute!
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      Welcome! Real Sorry to hear about your brain injury.. But to answer your question im no doctor but i do have an uncle that got T from a car accident i guess which could be the same as you like head trauma and he said he put like 3 drops in his ear in the morning and afterwards put cotton in it for like 20-30 mins and said it was quieter or he thought it was but eventually when he stopped it went back up. I thought Bout trying it but never really heard of it before so was too afraid it make it worse or something.
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      15y cronic year-round sinus + debrox, aspirin, peptobismol
      Castor oil docks into one of the PGE2 receptors. It induces hair growth. Maybe it's effective for cochlear hair as well? In that case I would guess it would work for people with damaged cochlear hair...
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      Magic ... do you have a link for that?
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      15y cronic year-round sinus + debrox, aspirin, peptobismol

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