The Curse of Generalisations

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jazzer, May 25, 2019.

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      As a community we really should come together once and for all, and discuss this business of ‘generalisations,’ and the trouble they cause.

      Because generalisations are a complete nonsense where tinnitus is concerned.
      Everybody’s case is peculiar to them.
      Everybody has their own unique brand.
      Yes, of course there will be many similarities, but no two people have it the same.

      Differences in origins of, time suffered, volume, intensity, pitch, severity, emotional disturbance, so on and so on...

      We all know the truth of this I am sure, so
      ‘Why oh why’ do writers continue to post such statements as:
      - It will get better I promise you,
      - I was looking at it wrong, and you are too,
      - It will quieten down,
      - You will be able to do more and more
      etc... etc...

      Generalisations can never apply, are totally irrelevant, annoying, nonsensical, and worst of all disturbing.

      I would love to hear your views on this subject.

      Can we not, as a community realise and accept that disparity is the reality of tinnitus.
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      Most people who first report tinnitus have improvements since their onset. If a person is improving, their tinnitus will most likely continue to get better.

      But yeah, people say tinnitus is permanent after 6 months. Not true. I know people it went away for after 1 year and many studies show med induced tinnitus has gone away after 12 months.

      So generalizations can be helpful but are often wrong.
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      Acoustic trauma.
      I think there's generalizations upon generalizations, because the medical community doesn't exactly have an ample amount of information when it comes to our condition, so the word of mouth around the sufferer community tends to be the here-say.
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