The Multidisciplinary Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Regenburg

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      Unknown, Started A Week After A Cold
      Hi all,

      just wanted to see if any one has been to The Multidisciplinary Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Regenburg in Germany or know someone who has been there and how their experience was

      it seems like they check all possible reasons that could have started the tinnitus by getting tests by the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (including Audiology) and the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Furthermore, the Departments of Dentistry and Physiotherapy are involved. In specific cases radiological or neurological experts’ opinions are further provided for an extended diagnostic assessment.

      The diagnostic assessment at the Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Center follows a standardized and step-wise approach. This approach is based on a treatment algorithm developed by the Tinnitus Research Initative (http :// )

      In my case so far none of the Dr's I have seen were able to diagnose where my T came from since it started after a flue/cold they said it was from an ear infect but it has been 10 Weeks with no improvement, and I am looking for specialised tinnitus clinics to visit

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