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      I've researched everything I could find on this frightening condition which is now very severe! I've always heard of Tinnitus, but it never affected me until now.
      This is the very first time I've reached out to others for help and to share some of the Natural methods I'm now using instead of Rx medications, which I'm trying to avoid.
      I've read the primary culprits may be from Inflammation, poor blood flow, fluid in the ear, high or low blood pressure, spongy bone growth in the inner ear, Long term hearing Loss, Or certain Rx Medications could result in the on-set of Tinnitus...... ( I Hope this helps someone else).......
      Since my issue started I have purchased almost every natural supplement listed that's been proven to relieve and stop Tinnitus......... This is another reason I'm so thankful I found this group.
      I understand it takes a natural supplement a lot longer to work that Rx Medications.
      Forgive me for being so long winded, this is this first time I've had the chance to relate to another person this nightmare I'm going through! I have no one else to talk with.
      Jan. 15th, of this year, I had 3 sudden deaths in my Family that almost destroyed me. My only child.
      Severely depressed, in bed for 2 weeks, nor able to function at all. Then this Very "HIGH Pitch" tinnitus became more severe!
      My diet is very clean, I never smoked, used alcohol, street drugs, or abused myself.
      I am 55, very good health except for osteoarthritis diagnosis 4 years ago, migraines, anxiety, and depression.
      I never leave the house now unless I have to see a Dr.
      This High Pitch noise keeps me up all night every night, and when I sleep a few hours I wake up crying every time.
      This might be too much information, but in the past, I may have joined a group and never said or typed one word!
      I am here to connect and learn from others what may or may not Help with this Horrible Condition.
      May I list just a few things here I am using; I just started a few days ago???
      If you see something listed here that has worked for you, Please post or send me a Note.
      Thank You all Very Much!
      Ubiquinol CoQ10 300mg/ Pycnogenol 200mg/ Ginko Biloba/ Dandelion Extract/ Resveratrol with Green Tea/Bilberry/Grape Seed Extract/Turmeric/Ginger/Oil of Oregano/Garlic/Melatonin/Vit. E/Zinc/Choline/EPA/DHA/GLA/ Also High doses of B vitamins (B-12) is essential for the formation of the Myelin Sheaths that surround and protect nerve fibers. All B- vitamins, stabilizing the nervous system, especially the Nerves of The Inner EAR.
      I obtained all this Information from The Website of Dr. Tony Isaacs, (The Best Years In Life)...
      Thank You all for reading, and please leave me a message as to what has worked for you.
      To Be Completely safe, I've made an appointment with a Specialist for a Hearing test, and full Exam, just to make sure there is no damage in the inner ear. I do know I suffer from long term hearing loss.
      I also read a hearing aid may help Tinnitus. Is This True? Has anyone experienced this?
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    2. billie48

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      not sure
      Welcome Sue. I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I myself had suffered the sudden loss of my only son too very he was 5. I suffered PTSD and had to received psychiatric counselling for a long time after. So I understand the trauma and deep grief of losing someone so dear. I hope you will emerge from your grief at some point. I have heard that tinnitus can come from the deep grief of losing some loved ones. But I hope that as time passes, God in His mercy will help you heal your wound so that you will be able to find new strength to soldier on with life.

      I also share your kind of tinnitus. A few years back I was turned into a mess by my ultra high pitch dog whistle T. But more to that, severe hyperacusis also punished me by turning all normal sounds so loud, so piercingly hurtful to my senses, as if all normal sounds were drilling through my ears. Worse, I also suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for decades prior to T & H. So my brain had no chance against them, and I was overwhelmed with relentless anxiety and panic attacks. I thought my life was about to end with so much suffering, and that good life will never be with me again.

      But never say never. Today I am living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. I wrote my success story like others and list some very important points and strategies I use to help me turnaround my suffering. If you are interest in them, for brevity here is the link to my story. Don't despair. Good life can be back. I wish you well and God bless you.
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    3. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      add to your list : NAC and L-Carnitine and wearing ear plugs/ear muffs whenever there is potential noise especially if you have hearing loss damage since this may be the actual cause of your T - the anxiety just probably "uncovered" the sound which was already there but in the subconscious.
      Have you been exposed to loud noises at work, or used firearms, played/listened to loud music etc.. ?
    4. Jovita1969

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      November 2015
      Hi! So sorry about your losses. I too wake up crying. I think its the frustration & not hearing silence. It takes my focus away, mine us a hissing sound & sonetimes faint ringing. I heard anxiety can provoke tinnitus & i have had anxiety for years but i managed it by cycling. I do not take any meds because i want natural stuff. I do yoga & accupuncture. It helps me sleep better. Are any of your natural things helping? Here to chat if you need to. Hugs!
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    5. Phil-O

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      Hi @Sue2
      I am so sorry to hear about your sad loss. There are many wise, experienced and caring people on here who will
      definitely support you through this journey. Their advice has helped me lots. In the meantime check out the success stories, they certainly show how there's light at the end of the tunnel. Although it does take time. Also try Kind regards Phil
    6. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      You may want to try some Vinpocetine? 10mg, three times a day, with meals. When I was seeing an acupuncturist, he said, never take more than 5 supplements at the same time. What I do take is, NAC, Vinpocetine, super B complex, Himalaya stress care and a product called OGF. Everyone reacts differently to supplements, so you have to experiment with different combinations.

      Most of us all suffer here and have good and bad days. Your recent losses are adding extreme stress and anxiety to your life right now. This is a trigger for T. You may want to consult with a grieve counselor or find a Dr. to give you some short term anti-anxiety meds. Try to hang in there and hope for better days ahead!
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    7. AUTHOR

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      My dear Friends,
      I can't Thank You All enough for reaching out to help me in the Lowest time of my Life.
      Forgive me, for not being able to respond until now. That Depression is Horrible.
      I Love people so much, yet I shut myself off to the entire world for fear of being hurt once again.
      I have to change this!
      Yesterday was the the first day getting out in 3 weeks! Prior to that I stayed in this room for 3 years without leaving this House (Only for Dr. Visits) while severely withdrawing from Rx Medications that almost Killed me, Before this trauma ever started.........
      I went to a Free Hearing Aid Consultation with "Beltone" Hearing Aid Center. My Audiogram showed "moderate" hearing loss.
      The Man giving the test didn't know how to program these Hearing Devices for Tinnitus, (only 2 programs for Hearing) That he fitted on me and actually told me to wear them home for a week, free of charge!
      Of course I can hear better, but this type is not helping the high pitch ringing so far.
      These cost $5,000. I go back in one week, to return them, with option to purchase.
      I'd rather find a pair with more programs, ( To help with the Tinnitus) and someone who knows how to activate it for me. Don't you all agree?? Even if it cost more.
      The graph he marked is so sloppy, and unclear, it's very hard to read. My hearing is not bad enough for hearing aids.
      This appointment did get me out of the house, which I'm very grateful.
      I'd like to thank billie48, for your warm encouraging letter to me that helped me so much! Please continue to pray for me, that I'll be able to once again be well enough to attend a Bible Teaching, everyday life help in the word, Church to attend. I do miss that very much!
      It's not the same reading at home alone.
      Thank you Bobby B, for the tips on the supplements. And yes loud noise exposure for over 30 years with my Employment, as well as Riding that Loud Harley.
      Thank you also jovita 1969, I just started the Natural Supplements, so I can't really say if they're helping yet.
      I'll be glad when I'm able to be more active; able to leave this bedroom and get out more.
      Prior to taking any type of Rx Meds. I Never had Anxiety, Depression, or any problems at all!! Except for Migraines!
      This is why I'm so against taking Rx meds now. I'm trying to allow my Brain to reverse back to the normal state if possible. I hope 17 years take Klonopin didn't destroy certain cells in my Brain.
      Dear SailBoardman, Thank you for the tips about Vinpocetine, also not not taking more than 5 supplements at a time... I found this out the hard way....... I became very sick!
      Phil-O Thank you for the success story link.
      I would to know before I go in 6 days, ( On the 18th of Feb. ) To The ENT Specialist for a complete Exam,
      Has an type of Hearing/ Tinnitus Devices Helped Anyone at all that You all Know of???
      Thank you all for this valuable Information. Love, Sue2
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    8. Phil-O

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      Hi @Sue2
      I understand how you feel. I do not go out so much since onset of T, including to church. I think T takes your confidence and independence. As well as using Back to Silence method I find I still use my behind ear white noise generators. It also helps put T more into the background. Hope this helps. Best wishes Phil

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