Tinnitus — Putting and Keeping Fear in Its Place

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sean W, Mar 1, 2019.

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      Hi Everyone,

      I put this audio/video together where I talk about tinnitus and fear. Fear has played a big role in my journey with tinnitus but I am learning to work with it.

      Please don't let the word fear stop you from listening, it's not scary.

      I hope this helps some of you.

      Tinnitus-Putting and Keeping Fear In It's...
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      Thank you so much for doing this Sean.

      Your approach is very similar to my own.
      When my tinnitus turned nasty, nearly five years ago now, I was in such total hell that I did not know how I could survive the single moment that I was living in.
      The volume hasn’t reduced, but my experience of tinnitus is way different.

      With the practice of a ‘Warm Bath Meditation’ every morning, where my physical comfort is maximised, I ask my tummy to look after my breathing for me, and in seconds I am at peace.
      Later in the day, if my tinnitus gets troublesome, I just ask my tummy for help once again, my breathing returns to a shallow and peaceful mode, and I’m okay once again.

      “Easy Dave just breath easy.”

      Thanks again,
      please keep these talks coming,
      Dave x

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