Tinnitus Almost Gone After 5 Months

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by daugavpils, Oct 28, 2015.

    1. daugavpils

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      Hi All

      Just wanted to share my great news - finally I can say that after 5 months I noticed sharp decline in tinnitus level and it does not bother me at all anymore! The initial cause was ear infection but I also had daily head pressure very tight neck muscles for months that drove me crazy. Went to ENT doctor, MRI, several CBT sessions. All went down when I managed to get my stress in life under control, I think yoga helped a lot.
      To those all who just got T and think that this is going to destroy their life - I thought the same and now it is practically over. Things do get better!
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    2. Falconfox

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      Wish I knew, possibly nosie damage.
      Congrats! I too have been getting some crazy tense neck muscles and it just occurred to me today that it could be related to all the stress, hopefully I'll get all that sorted out soon.
    3. Zug

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      Great news @daugavpils ! Did CBT help? I'm looking into it.
    4. Kuriboh1981

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      Ear Infection/Slight hearing loss/Who knows at this point?
      Congratulations to you. My T started a month ago from an ear infection, hopefully I'll have the same end result as you...
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    5. daugavpils

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      I think it did help but more from the position of having a professional therapist around , not the technique itself
    6. JoelJayBheringer

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      Yeah mines all but gone, I haven't noticed it for weeks and I got an email from this Web site which reminded me of how unbelievably emotionally damaging it was. It was bad especially in the left ear for almost 3 years now I can't remember the last time I noticed it.
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