Tinnitus and Alcohol

Discussion in 'Support' started by vasil, Dec 21, 2014.

    1. vasil

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      How this two mix up? I read almost all of the older posts and the answer to my question was that alcohol boost up T to the roof. 2 days ago I had around 3-4 beers. I wasnt drunk, but for sure I was not suitable to drive for example. After that i was expecting a terrible night, with strong buzzing in my head, but at first T was with its normal power. The interesting thing is that 2-3 hours later I had a moment of almost complete silence. Is it possible to be from the alcohol?
    2. Carlos1

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      I found that couple beers actually lowers my T for a little while ...not sure why but it does
    3. Greg Clarke

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      A few beers never does my T any harm. Moderation is the key.
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    4. SickoMicko

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      Ear infection or the medication to cure it.
      If you can walk in and not have to crawl out, I don't think alcohol has any adverse effect, at least not in my case . Meilee Kalickmocka!
    5. russiancarl

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      It's like with caffeine I guess... everyone has a different take on it. Most people will say coffee doesn't affect their tinnitus at all while a few will swear up and down it will. With alcohol most people are the opposite and find it spikes it up. That's probably the most frustrating thing about the condition -- it varies so much from person to person and there really are no rules.

      That's why it's important to try it out for yourself. If you can have a few beers and it makes your T go quiet then go enjoy! I haven't had a sip of alcohol since my tinnitus went up a level back in May. Before that it was very very mild and after a heavy night of drinking it would go from being "couldn't hear it with a fan on" to "could kinda hear it with a fan on". Annoying for sure but well worth the price for the night out before.
    6. Chris D

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      Yes, I found the same thing accidently. 2-3 hours after 3-4 shots of whiskey and my T is nearly silent. Holy shit, I couldn't believe it. It is really quite remarkable. I have done this now for three days in a row and hope that it continues to work. I see no difference between this and taking any other drug, so if it works I will be sticking with it.
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