Tinnitus and Anxiety

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      Hello everyone :) I just wanted to share my viewpoint and my overall conclusion on tinnitus since I have gotten it. People tend to tell me that i am on the road to habituating very quick and i think i know the reason why this is the case. I honestly believe most people who have gotten tinnitus is suffering from an anxiety disorder. Tinnitus gives you ll extreme anxiety hence making it louder and controlling your life. The reason why tinnitus hasn't control my life too much soo far is because i once suffered an anxiety disorder in the pass and hence i was able to implement what i learn in cbt class. I don't feel anxious over my tinnitus cause i have already learned how to control my anxiety and relax. I honestly recommend anyone who i suffering from tinnitus to go to a psychologist rather than an ENT who will most likely be of no help. Anxiety disorder cripples your life and makes you extremely paranoid. So the anxiety from the tinnitus will cause you to create an extreme reaction towards the noise from it and sound in general. Being afraid to go to a loud place or a sudden loud noise. Most people I read who are suffering from tinnitus are the textbook definition of someone suffering from anxiety disorder. I must say I am grateful that i went through what i did in the past with anxiety because I would have not been as strong as i am with tinnitus. Go to a psychologist. FORGET the useless ENT or the waste of time audiologist. I went to an ENT once and it was my final visit. Use your money for someone who can actually help you. I may be wrong but i must say my anxiety disorder was worst than the tinnitus in the past and i was feeling the exact way people with tinnitus felt. Love You guys :) just my viewpoint
      Also DO NOT MASK let that tinnitus ring off and accept the fact you will most likely hear it for a long time or the rest of your life. Masking is running away from it. when I lay down from a long day i do not play any noise to hide the tinnitus, I let it be, accept it as your reality and stop looking at it as a problem but as a part of your life. let a psychologist help you through the process of accepting tinnitus as a part of you.
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      I have also suffered anxiety in the past but now due to t it's all gone a bit too far.
      Would you mind sharing some of the strategies you used?
      How loud is your t?
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