Tinnitus Does Not Get to Me Anymore: My 1-Year Update

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      Hello everyone,

      I came here to look for info on another topic and saw that I made my account exactly 1 year ago and figured I should give an update.

      My tinnitus was noise-induced and what I would call moderate when it was at its worst. There were some days in the 1st month where it felt like 7/10 but I believe that was due to the stress. Looking back, I spent the first 2 months reading EVERYTHING on here. I didn't post much at all but I read hundreds if not thousands of posts. I bought earplugs, earmuffs, decibel meter, sound machine, 2 fans, vitamins NAG, NAC, Turmeric Powder, Zinc etc. The first couple of months were very difficult. I leaned on others for support but should have at least gone and talked to a doctor. I was afraid of medication and have PLENTY of experience dealing with anxiety without meds so I thought I could handle it myself and I guess I did. The support I got from my mother was invaluable though. She has tinnitus as well and really helped. You have to talk to someone.

      I was a mess and REALLY hoping it would go away. Those were my favorite posts here. The ones where tinnitus went away and the person disappeared. In the first few days before my ENT appointment I swear mine went away for a few minutes (after showering). I remember reading that one of their tests cause more problems than they solve. I'll never know but mine did not go away. My advice, go the best ENT you can find.

      Month 2.5: I was living in fear of some upcoming travel plans, where I'd be flying and partying with friends. It was an important trip, my friend was getting married and I thought I needed to be part of it. If I were older and wiser I would have said no. I ended up going and doing everything I could to protect myself. To my surprise and gratitude the tinnitus did not get worse. I had a spike but it went away after a few days. Many people would consider such a trip stupid at that point, myself included but these are things we have to decide. I DON'T SUGGEST putting yourself in stupid situations. Just say no. The anxiety alone isn't worth it. I lived a completely tinnitus-responsible life after that and then coronavirus came and you couldn't go out much anyway.

      Around month 4 I think I realized I wasn't one of the lucky people and it was going to take longer for mine to go away. Depressing but honestly I was starting to live with it. It had become about a 3/10 on average so it DID calm down a bit from the beginning. Hyperacusis went away too. I still couldn't sleep without tinnitus mixes and fan going but I found myself focusing on other stuff during the day more often. Exercise and healthy diet were helping a lot too. May not have felt like it but a big improvement from the beginning.

      Months 5-6 are probably where I started to transition back to a more normal life. I was busy with work and making goals. Doing things I enjoy without thinking about it. I still had sleep issues but I have those anyway.

      Month 7 - now: Tinnitus does not get to me anymore. It's about a 2 or 3 on average and nowadays I actually consider myself one of the lucky ones as it could be a lot worse. There are plenty of days that I don't notice it until I go to sleep and I only use a fan now. If I weren't so stressed about other stuff right now I might say it's 1-2 noise level.

      I was a COMPLETE mess in the beginning stage and the ONLY reason I thought about tinnitus today was because I have other sleep/anxiety issues and I needed to come here and check ototoxicity for certain meds. The tinnitus has nothing to do with those issues either, I just don't want to cause a spike so I need to research.

      So if you're new to tinnitus, I just want to say it can get better, it REALLY can.
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