Tinnitus Event on 27th October in Stoke-on-Trent, England

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      If anyone lives in stoke on Trent it will be nice to meet you.
      On 27 th October ,I have arranged for a area in Hanley town centre where we will be holding a tinnitus event.

      We will have a stall area where we will be handing out the following-

      Leaflets from The British Tinnitus Assosiation,

      Leaflets from dDeaflinks, A charity that have a building that hosts daytime and evening and weekend events for the deaf and hard of hearing,along with sign language and lip reading courses and round the clock support for the deaf.

      Leaflets four our tinnitus support group at dDeaflinks every Wednesday.
      Giving out leaflets for Tinnitus Talk also.

      We will be on hand to talk to people about tinnitus,the unwanted emotions tinnitus causes.
      Will be on hand to talk and communicate with the deaf and volunteers who do sign language and lip read .

      We will be in BTA T-shirts and name badges and dDeaflinks T-shirts.

      We will be by Clinton Cards and Halifax in Hanley so please come see us as we're a friendly bunch of people........lots of love glynis
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