Tinnitus for a Month Now

Discussion in 'Support' started by Steve willo, Feb 17, 2015.

    1. Steve willo

      Steve willo Member

      Hello everybody.

      I've currently had tinnitus for a month now in my left ear. No hearing loss at all The tinnitus is pretty loud I've recently been getting it in the right ear as well on and off.

      I have been struggling to sleep and getting a mri scan to rule things out.

      My ears look fine and no wax is blocking this, I've had a slight cold. And still have a little flem at the back of my throat

      Does anybody have any ideas. What could be causing this. And if this can clear up on its own after so long.

      Thanks in advance for any help or advice
    2. Matt01

      Matt01 Member

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      Have you taken any medication at all recently? Doesn't sound like noise induced.
    3. AUTHOR
      Steve willo

      Steve willo Member

      Hi. No. The ent guy said my ear looks fine so don't think it is noice induced. Just don't no what and why I have this suddenly

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