Tinnitus from Right to Left Ear After Yawning, Cause of My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by hve, May 12, 2016.

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      Music, too much stress and burnout
      Hi folks,

      since I have discovered new T's in my ears a few months ago (doctors say it's noise induced, which is right for the higher pitches i have since a long time, but I'm skeptical on the new t's as they aren't in the freq range of my ear loss) I've been investigating a lot of things lately and found a few points that may be related to my new T's.

      Most important point is that I need to do a sleep test to see if I don't do apnées during sleep which might explain a lot as the brain and ear don't receive enough oxygen. (I'm rather sportive, so can run for more then an hour without any efforts, though at night I often have the feeling not receiving enough air or waking up in need for air)

      Another point is that I have always had low blood pressure, and my salt and iron levels are in the rather low range in blood tests, so maybe another point to check out ?

      I drink a lot of water since a few years (1.5 to 2L a day), not that I'm thirsty, and sugar is ok in blood test, but just because they say that is good for health, yet yesterday I was told this wasn't a good idea and that because of this, my body doesn't keep minerals and other important vitamins in body.

      Also I noticed that after yawning that the one of the new sounds in my right ear is also noticeable in my left ear for a few seconds, this happened a few times the last weeks and now this morning for some reason one of the sounds also starts to be permanent in the left ear. I'm a little surprised and wonder what might really be the cause of my T's ?

      I'm going to see a dentist to see if there might be an issue there, but there are so many things that can cause T that's not a simple job. I'm getting better and trying to live with the new sounds, doing relaxation techniques and jogging to stay in good health, but the fact it goes from right to left ear is not really making my happy.

      I should add that I have had quite a lot of sinus infections and allergy to dust during my whole life, so maybe blowing the nose too hard and often over years may have caused T too ?

      The most fun part of the new T's, is that they are exactly the same pitches as sounds from my refrigerator and dishwasher in my house, how did those pitches go into my ears ?

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      Hey Hve,
      i think there could be many reasons,
      just like you i have Sleep Apnea, Sinus allegies etc....
      and sometimes i hear a high pitch in my left ear (bad one) switching to right one with movement...
      Weird? yesss.
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