Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Have Become Worse — Looking for Help

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by David59, Aug 11, 2021.

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      Exposure to loud noise
      New to the board looking for help. Sorry for the length.

      Background: I’m David, a 61-year-old male. Was a huge concert goer for decades and also was regularly exposed to loud noises of all sorts (motorboats, power tools, loud nightclubs, etc.) without any protection.

      A few decades ago I noticed a slight humming in my ears when I was in a real quiet room.

      A decade or so ago, this became a low ringing which I could pretty much ignore. About

      5 years ago, as a result of an alarm at work, the ringing got worse, but still livable.

      During COVID-19, despite barely going out, I started noticing occasional tinnitus spikes.

      In June, a loud motorcycle went by me while I was biking, and that made my baseline worse (also caused pulsatile tinnitus for about a month, but that seems to be pretty much gone).

      A few weeks ago, I went to the barber shop, and while waiting, the barber was using the electric clippers on a customer, which were piercing and caused a temporary spike. (I left the shop immediately.)

      Now dealing with another spike, I think from biking in traffic/urban environment, which hopefully will dissipate (I currently have a cold, which is probably not helping).

      In addition to the tinnitus, I’ve been highly sensitive to loud noises for decades (particularly anything high pitched – car horns have been a long-standing aggravation), but that has gotten much worse over the past couple of months.

      I recently found out I have neck issues, which I’m now getting physical therapy for – wondering if that’s part of the issue.

      I try to do everything I can to protect my hearing, but I feel like I can barely go outside without dealing with leaf blowers, motorcycles, jack hammers, sirens, loud cars and trucks, etc.

      I have made my peace about no longer going to concerts, live theatre, movies, sporting events, parades, riding in motorboats, etc., but would like any guidance on how to manage the tinnitus and hyperacusis and still live some type of normal day to day existence. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
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      When it gets to the point where daily activities give you problems, then you’re a VIP member here...


      I’m the same way you are, just getting worse for no reason... even when isolating for half a year it got worse... I don’t have any advice, except the obvious, try to avoid noise that gives you pain.

      Best regards.
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      Noise exposure? Possible concussion? Covid Vaccine? TMJ?
      It might not be the cause but neck issues could very much be exasperating things. Although it will likely not cure it, it might reduce some of your symptoms to some degree.
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    4. AUTHOR

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      Exposure to loud noise
      Thanks for the responses.

      A couple of additional notes, in case anyone has insights.

      Based on my most recent hearing test, my hearing is pretty good (basically typical hearing loss for my age). I also never use headphones or earbuds and try to do everything I can to avoid loud noises (but given that my increasing sensitivity to day to day noises like traffic, etc., that's getting more difficult).

      Right now, I'm pretty anxious about going out anywhere, but hoping that laying low for a few weeks will calm me and things will get better (fortunately I can work from home). For protection I use earplugs and/or earmuffs (industrial airport type). I've heard mixed things about earplugs and tinnitus.

      I have found my ENT pretty useless - his attitude is just learn to live with it, and try masking it.

      When I switch health insurance next year, I'm going to try to go to the Tinnitus Clinic at Mass Eye and Ear (my current insurance won't cover it).

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