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Discussion in 'Support' started by Cor, Jun 29, 2014.

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      Hey all, i have tinnitus in my right ear thats getting progressively worse. Either for real, or because im anxious about it. It's mostly white noise (actually, it reminds me of a spinning harddisk), but there is a clear high tone through it that is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

      Lately ive noticed that the moment in lay down in bed (or even on the couch, or outside on the grass) I get a low tinnitus in my left ear that lasts a few seconds at a time, but continues at least 10 times. And I get a louder tone in my right ear that is gone the next morning.

      Anyone have something similar? My ENT says my tinnitus is caused by hearing loss (which he concluded after the bare minimum of examination), but I fail to see how laying down would cause tinnitus to appear/get worse if it's just hearing loss.
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      Not all T is hearing loss. My hearing is perfect seemingly but I still have T. The T in your left ear is similar to mine only mine is high pitched not low. It happens if I move my head in a certain position. I call it morse code T. I think my neck is causing mine but I'm not sure as doctors and ENT don't care less and won't look in to it further. Yours is probably caused similarly.

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