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      Hi Everyone,

      I've had Tinnitus for about two years. Obviously, I should preface my story by indicating that I have a commercial interest in providing a service that offers Notched Music and Notched White Noise (www.AudioNotch.com). That said, I do feel the need to share my story.

      I got Tinnitus from two consecutive nights of clubbing two year ago. Nothing out of the ordinary - although I was standing very close to one of the speakers. Probably millions of people go clubbing, and I (like many of you) was one of the few unlucky people who developed Tinnitus as a result.

      At first, I had the common experience that most of you had (at least those of you have moderately severe Tinnitus along with an acute onset). I had terrible insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and some degree of chronic anxiety (the noise has been shown to set off your amygdala - the fear centre in your brain).

      I was desperate to find a cure - or even any treatment that lowered the volume - and when I googled the term I found thousands of snake oil salesmen willing to take advantage of me. As a medical student, I have a background in science, so I know quackery when I see it (read: homeopathy).

      I eventually came across two recently discovered therapies - Notched White Noise and Notched Music. I founded to a company to provide both of these to people suffering from Tinnitus. I think in large part I needed to do something proactive against the disease, so as not to become a passive victim.

      Our response to Tinnitus is in many ways representative of our response to any other form of suffering in our life. How do we deal with it? Who do we blame? How long do we feel sorry for ourselves? How do we cope with the noise when it's driving us crazy?

      My brain has long since habituated to my Tinnitus - no more insomnia, no more anxiety. That said, when I'm ill, or have an external ear infection, the volume is much louder and it's hard to concentrate.

      There's hope, and light at the end of the tunnel. I want everyone to know that in the long run, you'll be okay. Don't give up.


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