Tinnitus Sucks, Let's Talk About Something Fun

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Keith D Mitchell, Nov 24, 2015.

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      So ever seen the onset of my Tinnitus introduction, I stopped doing most of things I enjoyed. And while I'm still pretty bummed about it,I'm forcing myself to get back into my normal grind, so I figured why not share my latest endeavour.

      So let's start over :)

      I'm Keith Mitchell, co-founder and admin of a geek culture website called The Outerhaven and yes, that totally was taken from Metal Gear ;). We write / talk / love all things geek culture related such as video games, music, comics/manga, toys and everything that falls in-between. We also do podcasts and Youtube stuff... such as this latest unboxing of Funko's Smuggler's Run subscription box. We also cover events, like the New York Comic Con, PAX East, Otakon and other events, in fact we're working on getting access to the 2016 New York Toy Fair, San Diego Comic Con and E3 2016.

      But I want to share my recent project, which I likely wouldn't have done if not for the support i've reached from the forums, so thank you everyone. And moderators, if this isn't appropriate, please let me know.
      The Outerhaven Unboxes Funko's...

      I'll keep (trying) to do my part and let's all stay some what positive!

      Thanks again everyone!
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      That's cool! Don't really know much about MGS but i do love playing games. Hope you'll stay happy doing the things you love!

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