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      Good Day,

      I'm new to the site.

      I have tinnitus, its busy driving me crazy. Also busy interfearing with my sleep and work.

      The ringing in ears dont stop even with a hearing aid.

      At night I can't sleep sometimes a sleeping pill works other times not.

      Any one with advice.

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      A warm welcome to Tinnitus Talk Gerrie,

      For sleep you can download natural sound apps,tinnitus application apps to play through the night or mp3 player etc.
      Best listened to through pillow speakers.
      Set the sound lower than your tinnitus so not to drowned the tinnitus out.
      Your brain will work hard to push through the tinnitus sound to pick up the sound you have chosen.
      Playing it through the night is where the magic begins.
      Your brain will learn not to focus on the tinnitus and then over time you will cope better in the day as your brains natural filter will get stronger......lots of love glynis
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    3. billie48

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      Have you tried masking your T at bed time? It is best to have some soothing masking sounds to help distract the mind from focusing on T.
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      I am sorry, that T is causing such issues. Hearing aids don't stop tinnitus, they can mask it and make you feel a little more comfortable. Yes, sleeping pills can be a hit or miss. I was on melatonin for 8 months and i am on my 12th night sleeping pill free. Masking your T is something you can try as mentioned. This site has some white noise sounds and youtube has some 6-8 hour videos of just masking noises. You can even download apps for Iphone that have masking/whitenoise.

      Other than that exercise is key and it can help you feel more tired and sleep better...

      Good luck!
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