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      Likely a scam, they have been putting adds on Sirius radio. B vitamins, ginkgo, stativa , melatonin and other herbs. Called just to find out as they offer a free trial. Anyone heard of it?
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      I called in Nov-2014 in response to a SiriusXM commercial. I intended to buy a 1-month trial with auto-renewal on a credit card as long as I was assured that 100% of my costs would be refunded if there was no benefit. The salesman up-sold me to a 3-month trial for $119. After a month, I saw no improvement so I called to cancel. The Cust Svc rep was fairly convincing that "85% of our customers will get significant relief" and she asked that I continue longer and then cancel after 85 days of use if it still was not effective. Well, I used it a little longer, but felt no improvement. After 85 days, I called back and was told I must mail back the empty bottles (which I was willing to do ONLY if they would email me a postage pre-paid label). She said postage would be on my dime, so I politely asked her to check with a supervisor to waive the requirement that I return the bottles and I suggested that maybe it would be easier if I simply dispute the credit card charge with my Visa. She put me on hold for a few seconds then returned to say that my card would be refunding immediately and I should see it on my account within a couple business days -- and there was no requirement to return the empty bottles.

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