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      Something's I learned from a therapist: I hope it helps

      1. walk a 1/2 hour each day
      2. do something to challenge your brain- crossword, jumble,ect
      3.use a different hand to wash your hair or brush your teeth, change things up
      4. help someone else
      5. hurt- for 5 minutes- (listen to music alittle louder than your T)
      6.hard- do something that you would normally do but stopped doing because of T
      7. try a new hobby if possible- language, pottery, yoga, ect
      8. be in a sound enrich environment as much as possible
      9. 20 minute daily of a relax exercise. deep breathing, bio-feedback.ect
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      Will definitely be taking this into account! Thank you :)
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      Nice :) think we all need a list like that on our fridge to work to!

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