Touching My Face / Scalp I Hear a Ringing... and CBD Oil Information

Discussion in 'Support' started by I_Detest_Ringing, Feb 12, 2018.

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      september 2017
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      Not sure maybe Otitis Media
      hey guys !

      So I get a constant hiss/crackle like low volume electric (or neuron sound effect videos from YouTube), which seems to be the actual source of my bother, occasionally when that sound gets bad it can cause a more typical ear ring in the opposite ear. I have noticed if I touch my face or cheek, it sometimes sets both sounds off, and the same if I touch parts of my scalp, however if I touch the front of my scalp, it quietens the sounds a little, also the sound of my hair scrunching on my head, seems to cancel out some of it, If i run up a set of stairs I can feel the movement of my facial skin and it makes it ring too... Anyone experience this or have any ideas what's going on??

      Today I bought 1000mg Cannabidiol oil, and I am happy to say it has helped quite a bit. It hasn't cured it, but definitely quietened my tinnitus down, and also sedates me slightly so that I don't keep listening to check if it's there. I can sit at the PC and play music and forget I have it for a few hours, so I recommend you guys try it. I hold the oil under my tongue for a good 10mins to make sure it all gets absorbed quickly. I smoked and vaped weed for over 10yrs , and recently had to stop as it makes my tinnitus go very loud. The CBD oil was quite a surprise, but I wouldn't waste your time with the weaker 200mg strength etc, hopefully it will help you guys!
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      Hello what’s the brand of Cbd oil?

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      increasingly uncertain, maybe noise, maybe somatic ?
      I made similar somatic observations, too, - after I got my "normal" tinnitus...
      But I'm not sure what of it was always there...

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