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Discussion in 'Support' started by Michael Leigh, Dec 9, 2015.

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      Try and help yourself

      I read a newspaper article many years ago when I first got tinnitus, and I was going through a difficult time like so many people do that are new to this condition. It read: 19 out of 20 medical conditions cannot be cured. That doesn't mean they cannot be treated, and being treated for a particular ailment doesn't mean one will be cured. At present the medical profession advises tinnitus patients to use some of the treatments below when available. There are also others.

      1. Tinnitus retraining theraprapy (TRT)
      2) cognitive behavioural therapy
      3) counselling
      5) wearing white noise generators (for sound enrichment)
      5) using sound enrichment via tabletop sound machine (or listening to music mp3 player etc)
      6) relaxation exercises.
      7) Hearing aid. Improves hearing loss and can lower tinnitus.
      8) Anti-depressants and other medications like: clonazapam etc.
      9) Neuromodulation

      The above treatments may help some people manage their tinnitus and hopefully go on to lead a fulfilling life. However, none of these treatments will work if a person is looking for a "complete cure". One must face the facts. Nineteen out of twenty medical conditions cannot be cured and at present tinnitus is one of them. You may be living on this mortal plane for some time. Try and help yourself as no-one else can do it better. Try to get the best treatment that you can and adopt a more positive approach to life for that is the only way forward until a cure is found for tinnitus.


      PS: After reading that newspaper article, it changed my thinking towards tinnitus and helped put me on the road to habituation. My path wasn't easy but many things aren't in this world. I had two choices. Sit down and do nothing, or to find the inner strength and determination to carry on and to one day hopefully succeed.
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      I think managing our reaction to t is far more helpful than trying to manage t itself..

      Like someone said in another post here .. t is like a moving target ... thats how it has been for me..
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      Michael Leigh

      Michael Leigh Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Brighton, UK
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      April /1996
      Hi Deb,
      Whatever method one chooses, to help get themselves out of the downward spiral that tinnitus can take them to I agree with.

      PS: A note for readers: Please remember, I am not implying that one mustn't ever feel negative about their tinnitus. However, everything should be kept in balance. If negativity is allowed to take hold with tinnitus, a person will find it difficult to move forwards.
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